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Share YOUR Unique Wilmington College Experience

As a Wilmington College student, we know you work hard and play hard- attending classes, working on campus and in the community, and participating in myriad organizations and sports. In 2021, we’re asking you to share your WC experience with the world. Post a photo and brief story to social media about what makes your days at WC memorable, and use the hashtag #WeAreDubC (or submit a photo and descriptive paragraph directly to

As we close out the College’s sesquicentennial, let’s also celebrate YOU!

Kaleb Hubner

My name is Kaleb Hubner and I am a senior at WC. I study Sport Management with a Business Administration minor. I enjoy Wilmington because it feels like a second home to me. I have been given many opportunities that have let me grow as an individual and as a professional. I am forever thankful for this campus!

Bryan MillerHey everyone, my name is Bryan Miller! I will be graduating in May with a degree in Agriculture with a concentration in Ag business and a minor in Business Administration. My junior year of high school I stepped on campus for the first time and within five minutes I told my mom this is where I would go to college. My admission counselor along with the other faculty and staff made the decision easy. Talking with friends from other institutions, the culture and atmosphere at Wilmington is simply different. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime and memories that are priceless. In my time at WC I have had the opportunity to network with industry leaders, learn real life skills outside of the classroom, and join organizations that have led to amazing friendships and opportunities. When not in the classroom or with my friends, you can find me working in the Office of Admission as a Student Ambassador meeting prospective families everyday and sharing why my experiences at WC embody how Wilmington College separates itself from other institutions! #WeAreDubC

TaylorMy name is Taylor Thomas, and I am a junior majoring in Agriculture Education and Agriculture Business. Coming to Wilmington College was never something I expected. I had always imagined myself at a big university in a big city. Everything changed the spring of my senior year when I first stepped foot on campus. Everyone here is so welcoming and suddenly I couldn’t see myself going to school anywhere else. The professors, the students, the atmosphere, it felt like home. As far as my activities on campus I am in Sigma Alpha Sorority, an Aggies club officer, a member of the Agriculture Education Society, Delta Tau Alpha Agriculture Honors Society, and many other extracurricular activities. Throughout the week I also work in the Office of Admission where I am able to tell other potential students what Wilmington College has to offer. I am thankful for all the opportunities I have been given here at Wilmington and have made friends that will last a lifetime. My time at Wilmington College has truly helped shape me into the person I am today. #WeAreDubC

Shelby BlakeHi everyone, My name is Shelby, and I’m a sophomore studying Ag Education and am involved in several groups around campus. I am involved with the student ambassador program, WC Aggies, and the Equestrian team. My days at Wilmington College have been genuinely memorable because of the hands-on classes and opportunities within their agriculture and equine departments. During my first semester on campus, I was able to get hands-on within my major and out at the campus farm. I am incredibly humbled to attend such a great school with incredible professors and staff members to help make your personal experience your own during your time at WC! #WeAreDubC

ZachHello, my name is Zachary DeAtley and I am a sophomore at Wilmington College. I am a member of Aggies, actively involved in the FarmHouse brotherhood, and a member of the cross country and track and field team. The reason that I chose Wilmington was because of the many different hands-on experiences that you are able to receive here at the College. Wilmington College has not only allowed me to gain so many friends, but has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and gain and learn new experiences that will benefit me for a lifetime. From the moment that I came to Wilmington for my visit, I knew that this would be the place that I could not only gain a great education, but can make many memories, friends, experiences, and be a student and not just a number. Wilmington is my home away from home and has given me countless opportunities. #WeAreDubC

KimberI’m Kimber Geissinger and this is my third year at Wilmington College. I am a major in Psychology as well as a minor in Business and Criminal Justice. I am currently the secretary of Active Minds, a Student Senator, as well as a percussionist in the Pep Band here on campus. I had always had an idea of going to Wilmington College, but after my first visit during my senior year of high school, I knew. I immediately felt like a member of a new family. Everyone is always so kind and welcoming and the campus is beautiful. I truly have gained so many opportunities with the help of the Wilmington College family. I can’t wait to see where my future leads. #WeAreDubC

Sarah FreeHello! My name is Sarah Free. I am a freshman at Wilmington College studying Early Childhood Education. I visited WC my senior year of high school and immediately knew it was the one! The professors, the students, and the atmosphere made it feel like home. I am thankful for the opportunities we’ve been given, even when it’s complicated with COVID. My short time here at Wilmington has already shaped me into the person I am today. #WeAreDubC

Jaclyn SparksHi! My name is Jaclyn Sparks and I’m a freshman majoring in Psychology. When I visited Wilmington my senior year, I immediately felt at home and surrounded by such welcoming people! With my short time as a WC student, I’ve gotten involved with Amnesty International and I’ve fallen in love with the organization, even becoming an officer! Learning about human rights has been so interesting for me. Although COVID-19 has affected much of my year on campus, I’m so grateful for all the work WC has put into making sure I’m on campus as much as possible. I hope that by continuing my education at Wilmington College, I can become the best person I can be. #WeAreDubC

Cierra BolenderHi everyone! My name is Cierra Bolender. I’m a freshman here at Wilmington College, studying Adolescent to Young Adult English Education. As soon as I stepped on campus during my visit senior year of high school, I felt at home! Everyone was welcoming and truly interested in my future from the moment conversation started. I knew I wanted to attend a smaller school, and the family atmosphere at WC was something I couldn’t resist. The opportunities I have been presented in the short time I have been on campus is something special that I don’t take for granted. I have been able to get involved with the student-ambassador team where many opportunities have arisen and friendships have sparked along with opportunities from the Diversity & Inclusion office, the Honors program, the Athletic Department, my amazing volleyball family, leadership opportunities, and much more. The bonds I have created and memories I have made thus far are unforgettable and ones to last a lifetime. I am so lucky to be here on campus and am so excited to see where my next three years take me with my close-knit WC family. You won’t find something like this in any other place. #WeAreDubC

Brittany and Brandon

My name is Brittanie Clair, and I am a third-year student at Wilmington College. I am majoring in Education Studies with a minor in Psychology and intend to get a licensure in Early Childhood Education. My time at WC has been phenomenal! Upon stepping foot onto campus during Summer Orientation, I fell completely in love with not only the beauty of the campus, but the beauty of the people here. I never imagined I would find a college where I truly felt I belonged. Immediately, I felt as if I had found my second home. I started involving myself in organizations and going to events – this is when I started gaining my footing on campus. During my three years here, I have been a part of The Service Leader Executive Board (SLEB), Black Student Initiative (BSI), acted as a mentor in the Connections program, served as an Orientation Welcome Leader (OWL) during Orientation, served as Vice President of Public Relations for Student Government Association (SGA) , and participated in Ladies in PowerNational Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS), Resident Student Association (RSA), served as a Resident Assistant (RA), and participated in Survivor Advocacy, Fellowship and Education (S.A.F.E.). If it wasn’t for the people that have been by my side from day one, I am not so sure I would be here, but the connections I have, the relationships I have formed, and the experiences I have had here I will carry in my heart forever. I hope that one day the people here realize all they have done for me and all that they mean to me. #WeAreDubC

SavannahMy name is Savannah Manson and I’m a junior at Wilmington College, studying Biology – Health Science. Ever since my first visit here to Wilmington, I have been so in love with with the atmosphere and the people. I have been involved with so much on campus, such as Black Student Initiative (BSI) as Secretary, American Medical Student Association (AMSA), WC Pride, served as an Orientation Welcome Leader  (OWL), worked in the Office of Admission as a Student Ambassador, as well as the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and so much more. Being here at Wilmington has helped me create so many connections for the real world as well as long-lasting friendships. #WeAreDubC

Alyssa Storer

Hi! My name is Alyssa Storer, and I’m a freshman majoring in Chemistry and Biology with a concentration in Health Sciences. During my first year on campus, I’ve gotten involved with the Honors Program, National Society of Leadership and Success, WC Pride, Ladies in Power, and STEM Society. When I visited campus during my junior year of high school, I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and support that’s shown on campus. I can’t wait for what the next three years at Wilmington College will bring! #WeAreDubC

KianaHello everyone! My name is Kiana Chumley and I’m a first year student at Wilmington College studying Biology and Chemistry with a focus in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Pre-Law. After reading other stories from the #WeAreDubC initiative, I feel like it’s important for me to mention that I wasn’t set on WC after my first visit. To be honest, I wasn’t set on any college or university after my first visit! Deciding where to go to college is arguably one of the most important decisions in your adult life, and I felt like I needed time to think about every possible option before committing to one school. However, after countless conversations with my Admissions counselors and other faculty members at WC, I knew this was the place for me. Throughout the entire process, I felt like I was being guided in the right direction while also being allowed to forge my own path.
The opportunities on this campus are endless. As a first year student, I have competed on the Mock Trial team, been a member of Veterinarians of Tomorrow and the Honors Program while also holding a job as a Student Ambassador. I’ve been able to meet countless friends and form connections that will last a lifetime. When I walk to class everyday, I know I’m going to sit in a class where my professors care about my well-being and actually want to see me succeed. Wilmington College has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone in a way I never thought was imaginable, and the personal and academic growth I’ve experience in my short time here has surpassed my expectations. #WeAreDubC

Shania PetersHello! My name is Shania. I am a first-year student at Wilmington College. I decided to come to Wilmington so I didn’t have to move away from home. When I visited campus during my senior year of high school I knew Wilmington was were I would further my career. In my first year here, I have been inducted to the National Society of Leadership and Success and I am also in the Connections program. I cannot wait to see where Wilmington College takes me in the future and I am glad that I chose WC. #WeAreDubC

Wil OverholtI’m Wil Overholt, a senior Athletic Training major graduating in May! My four years at Wilmington College have allowed me to create friendships and connections that I believe will last me a lifetime. My time in the Athletic Training program has helped me network and set the foundation for my future in the job market. Some of my best memories from this year have been working with the Men’s Basketball team on campus. I’ve been fortunate to have found a home within the organizations that I’ve been working with in the past four years, including WeCare/SAFE, WC Greek Life Executive Board, the Honors Program, a term on Student Government Association, and my fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha. I will always remember my time with my best friends since day one in Austin Pickett, 3rd floor. I’ve been extremely thankful for the memories and stories that I will hold with me forever as I move on from Wilmington College. #WeAreDubC

Carly FitzHi everyone! My name is Carly Fitz, I’m a senior majoring in Agricultural Communications and Political Science. During my time on campus not only have I made life long friends, I’ve also had the opportunity to get really involved. Some of the organizations I’ve had the privilege of being in are Gamma Beta Eta Lil Sis Sorority (formerly Delta Theta Sigma), Collegiate Farm Bureau, Orientation Welcome Leader (OWL), Aggies and hosted my own radio show, Jive@5, on The Quake! I was very active in the lobby trip opportunities on campus for Fall Ag Lobby and Spring Lobby Weekend with FCNL, a Washington D.C. Quaker lobby organization, which led me to my future career. After graduation I plan to advocate for agriculture as a lobbyist in Washington D.C.


Hello! My name is Ally Cupps. I am a first-year student at Wilmington double majoring in AgBusiness and Spanish. I chose Wilmington College hoping for a personal, hands-on experience, and I was not disappointed. Before completing my first full year on campus I hold three jobs on campus, have made many new friends and connections, have been on our academic farm each week and sat in a real classroom with real people. WC allows me to make more tight knit connections with peers, professors, and other faculty. Being a Student Ambassador, I have many opportunities to talk with prospective students and share why I love Wilmington College. Our culture at Wilmington is one of respect, kindness, and support. #WeAreDubC