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Student Publications

Publications Board Office

The Publication Board is responsible for the supervision of the production and budget for the three student publications. The Board, chaired by the Vice-President of SGA, is comprised of the editors of the three publications and two students appointed by SGA. These publications are The Witness, Wilmingtonian, and Woodhouse. The Board meets on a weekly basis throughout the year. Students interested in any of the publications should contact Box 1268.

The Witness Newspaper

The Witness is the student-run online newspaper. It features articles, local and national news as well as video segments.  The Witness utilizes various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well. Students interested in working on the paper in any capacity should contact the editor, Box 660.  Click one of the link below to view the latest online edition or to view past issues of The Witness.

The Witness Online

Wilmingtonian (Yearbook)

The Wilmingtonian is the College yearbook. It is available to the College community every fall and depicts the events of the previous year. Those students interested in working on the yearbook should contact Box 640.

Woodhouse (Literary Magazine)

The Woodhouse is the campus literary magazine, which highlights students ‘ and staff poetry, fiction and nonfiction; artwork and photography. It is published once a year. Students interested in working and/or submitting entries for the magazine should contact Box 648.