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Survivor Advocacy, Fellowship & Education (SAFE)

Peers Helping Peers

If you are in immediate danger, call 911 and Campus Safety at 937.382.0100.

Wilmington College students envision an environment that is free from all forms of violence. The Survivor Advocacy, Fellowship and Education (SAFE) organization at Wilmington College is a student-led peer support group that assists survivors and victims of crime through a confidential support line, victim awareness programs, educational events and on-campus support. SAFE offers a safe space to vent, receive support and explore options without fear of judgement for people who have been impacted by any form of violence at any point in their lives.

Survivor Advocacy

Create a safe space for survivors on campus to receive support and resources.


Inspiring one another to be better allies for survivors.


Students learning from other students.

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For more information or to receive 24/7 peer support, contact the SAFE Peer Support Line at 937.356.9778.


Executive Board


Advisor(s): SJ Henderson (ext. 325) and Ana Lopez (ext. 509)
President: Jordan Johnson
Vice President: Brittanie Clair
Advocacy Chair: Ryanne Hood
Secretary: Katy Monnig
Treasurer: Owen Baumann

Executive Board