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Summer Leadership Plunge

“To find commitment to purposes larger and more enduring by service to a troubled planet and active concern for a world of peace and freedom”

When will the Summer Leadership Plunge occur?

The 2019 Plunge will take place from July 16 – July 20.

Plunge-LogoWhat is the Summer Leadership Plunge?

During the summer, the Student Affairs division, hosts a Summer “Plunge,” for select incoming students. The Plunge hosts up to 20 participants from the first-year class who are chosen during an application process. The five-day program is an opportunity to meet and get to know staff members as well as other student leaders while learning a framework for your own leadership development at Wilmington College.

Who are the Plunge Facilitators and Staff?

The Student Affairs Department, administrators and staff will facilitate your Plunge experience. They have a deep interest in student growth and leadership development. Student Assistants are former “Plungers” who are currently involved on campus. They will help facilitate discussion, lead small groups and make your Plunge experience fun and exciting.

What will participants do?

Participants will begin to get to know each other the day they arrive to campus. They will interact with current Wilmington students and with a variety of administrators and staff at the College. Participants will learn about the “Social Change Model,” which provides a framework of leadership and service. You’ll get to know more about yourself as a leader, about how you interact in groups, and how you can best serve your community. There will be a lot of interactive discussions and experiences and fun activities to get you familiar with the College and the surrounding community. Included in this experience is a day at an Outdoor Education Center.

How do I apply?

The application and health information form needs to be completed by June 24, 2019. We will review applications and notify you of your status on or before June 28. You’ll then have until July 8 to let us know by phone or email that you plan to attend and send in your payment.

What is the cost?

The cost of participation is $150. This fee covers all food, lodging, materials, and other activities. Participants may want to bring some spending money for additional snacks or other items available for purchase.

What does it mean?

“Taking a plunge” means that you are committing yourself to an action. We invite you to participate in the Summer Leadership Plunge at Wilmington College this July with other new students and commit yourself to becoming a leader during your college years.