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Lost & Found

If an item(s) below is yours and you would like to claim that item(s), please contact Campus Safety at 937-382-0100.

Date Found Item (Location if available)
01-03-2014 Tan Ladies Wallet
02-25-2014 Breast Cancer Lanyard with Keys
04-12-2014 4 Keys on Ring
05-01-2014 Thumb Drive (Anthony R. Bell)
05-01-2014 Silver Necklace with “Paw-Paws Touch”
05-07-2014 Credit Card
05-09-2014 Key Lanyard
05-12-2014 Ford Car Key
05-21-2014 Silver Pandora Charm Bracelet
06-12-2014 Blue Drawstring Bag O.B.G.C.
07-21-2014 2 Keys
07-30-2014 Light Blue Hoodie
08-20-2014 Total Pay Debit Card
09-09-2014 Black LG Phone
09-09-2014 Samsung Phone with White Case
09-09-2014 Black Vinyl Wallet
10-03-2014 Black Drawstring NBA Bag
10-10-2014 1 Pair Ladies Reading Glasses
10-10-2014 1 Pair Women’s Eye Glasses in Blue Case
10-12-2014 Reds Hat Found in The Underground
10-15-2014 Glasses
10-23-2014 IPod Found in a Van
10-31-2014 Cross Necklace
11-01-2014 1 Pair of Crutches found outside of Denver
11-04-2014 Bike Left at Robinson Communication Center
11-04-2014 Purple IPhone Case
11-12-2014 1 Chevy Key on Green Wilmington Women’s Lacrosse Lanyard
11-22-2014         “Foster” Brand Glasses Left at Hermann Court
12-02-2014 IPod Touch White in a Black Case
12-05-2014 Men’s Large Gold/Diamond Wedding Band
12-19-2014 College Hall Room 109 Key Found in Room 109
01-08-2015 HTC Cell Phone Found in a Couch at Denver Hall
01-16-2015 Black Leather Wallet Found on the Bike Trail
02-26-2015 Red Headphones found on 4th Floor Austin Pickett
03-04-2015 IPod in Black Case Found by Suzy Kasztelan
03-24-2015 Mongoose Bike
03-24-2015 Classic Sport Basketball Found inside Hermann Court
04-13-2015 Silver Hair Clip with a Flower in the Middle Found in Kelly Hall