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New Student Information

Medical Requirements for Enrollment

There are FIVE steps all new students must complete before attending Wilmington College:

  1. Create a PRIVIT profile.
  2. Join the “2020 – New/Transfer” team on PRIVIT.
  3. Complete the required forms.
  4. Upload your medical records.
  5. Email us at

Spring students need to complete these steps by January 1. Fall students need to complete these steps by July 15.


Step One: Create a PRIVIT Profile

PRIVIT is a FREE online application used to store your emergency contact information and medical information. As a PRIVIT user, you will continue to own the information within your personal/private PRIVIT account.
Create/Edit your PRIVIT Profile

Step Two: Join the Appropriate Team on PRIVIT

All new students should join the PRIVIT “team” associated with the semester and year they are admitted to Wilmington College (e.g. 2020 – NEW/TRANSFER). Rostered student athletes must also join the appropriate athletic team(s). For detailed information:
PRIVIT Instructions and TIP sheet

Step Three: Complete Required Forms

You must complete the required forms on PRIVIT.

Step Four: Upload Your Immunization Record

Once you have created your PRIVIT account and signed the required documents, you must upload your IMMUNIZATION RECORDS and INSURANCE CARD. Your immunization records should be on file with your current school, family physician or health clinic.
Immunization ReCORD


DTap Series of 4 +
Polio Series of 4
MMR Series of 2
Hepatitis B Series of 3
Tdap Booster Within the last 10 years
Meningitis If the date is prior to age 16 a BOOSTER IS REQUIRED

Step Five: Email Us for Confirmation

Once you have completed the previous four steps, email the Student Health Center at for confirmation that we have received everything.

Once you send the email allow seven days for us to process your information.

How do I know I have everything complete?

Log into your PRIVIT account and select “Clearance Status.” If everything is complete your status will say COMPLETE. If you have not completed everything required, your status will say NOT FIT. Click “NOT FIT” to read our comments. If your account says PENDING, we have not yet checked your updates.