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All new/transfer/re-admitted students will either need to create or update your PRIVIT profile prior to coming to Wilmington College. PRIVIT is an online program used to store emergency contact information and medical information for students. This service is free. Students own the information within their personal/private Privit account. If you had a PRIVIT account in High School there is no need to create a new account. The student will sign documents and upload items such as IMMUNIZATION RECORDS and INSURANCE CARDS. All students will join the team associated with the semester and year of admittance to Wilmington College. Rostered student athletes will also join the appropriate athletic team/s. For detailed information please click the Privit Instructions and Tip Sheet below.

*MINORS– a parent must create a parent account and then add the student as a family member, then follow the instructions for completing forms and uploading documents.

Login to your PRIVIT PROFILEClick here to create or login to your PRIVIT profile.

PRIVIT Instructions and TIP sheet

Immunization Documentation

Quick Overview

PRIVIT – Spring students need to complete by January 1st. Fall students need to complete by August 1st.

Re-Admitted Students

  1. If you previously had a PRIVIT account please log in.
  2. Update all of your forms
  3. Upload your immunization records if you have not already uploaded them.
  4. Join the 2019 New/Transfer/Re-Admitted Team

Please send us an email at once you have completed all of the information.

New & Transfer Students

  • Please create an account.
  • Complete your forms
  • Upload your immunization record
  • Join the 2019 New/Transfer/Re-Admitted Team

Please send us an email at once you have completed all of the information.

REQUIRED Immunizations for ALL STUDENTS: This information must be provided by your physician. You may attach an official copy; copies must be or have an official stamp or physician signature.

DTap Series of 4 +
Polio Series of 4
MMR Series of 2
Hepatitis B Series of 3
Tdap Booster Within the last 10 years
Meningitis If the date is prior to age 16 a BOOSTER IS REQUIRED

TIP – Contact your high-school, doctor or medical clinic for copies of your immunizations.

Medical Health Services

Health care on campus is provided FREE OF CHARGE at the Student Health Center.

The Health Center can be entered from the outside stairs at the east end of Bailey Hall.

Services and medications provided by the health center are always free to the students. The health centered is funded by your tuition money so please utilize the services when needed. Students should contact the health center either by phone or in person as soon as illness or injury occurs. By doing this, the student may be able to avoid a more serious condition.

If you receive allergy shots, we can give those in the health center. Please call us at extension 217 for information regarding times and restrictions. If the student lives in the residence halls and is too ill to eat in the dining room, they may obtain a sick tray by contacting their Resident Director.

Please check the office calendar and for the most current schedule the information board in the Student Health Center lobby. Thank you.


If you have any questions please contact:

Jill Young, Director of Health Services
Phone 937-481-2217
Fax 937-481-2217


A registered nurse is available Monday through Friday to treat minor health complaints such as colds, viruses, cuts, scrapes, etc.

The college physician can treat any complaint that you would see your regular family physician for. Students should arrive 15 minutes prior to the close of physician hours.

Any student needing allergy injections must have a consultation appointment to set up a reoccurring appointment and review orders.  All allergy injections must be scheduled 30 minutes prior to the end of physician clinic.

Please bring your insurance card if you are needing a referral, STI testing or laboratory services.  It is free and insurance is not required to see the college physician or nurse.

For detailed hours please see our Office Calendar.

Appointments are not necessary but can be made by calling 937.481.2217.

Mental Health Counseling Services

Confidential mental health counseling services are provided free of charge to current students in the Student Health Center. A State Independently Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC) will provide a diagnostic assessment, treatment plan, and subsequent therapy sessions to assist students with a wide variety of wellness and mental health concerns. No problem is too large or small. Time management, stress, relationship issues, substance use/abuse/dependence, depression, anxiety, GLBT issues, ADHD and bipolar disorder are some of the concerns often addressed through the Campus Counseling Services. There is no specific limit to the number of sessions a student may receive through this free benefit but it should be noted that students whose needs require specialized or very long term care may be referred to seek services through their insurance providers.

Please note that the counseling record of the student does not go into the student’s academic record and confidentiality of counseling services is strictly upheld.

To schedule an appointment, please contact Kazi McDowell, Director of Counseling Services, at 937.481.2272