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Psi Beta Omega

Psi Beta Omega was founded in 1978 by 11 women. The purpose of Psi Beta Omega is to promote sisterhood, strive for excellence, encourage individual integrity, and support one another’s endeavors. The ultimate goal of Psi Beta Omega is the development of strong, independent and caring individuals. The colors of Psi Beta Omega are: blue, silver, and white.

The Current active members of Psi Beta Omega include: Chelsea Toland, Alisa Fogt, Abagail Evans, Meagan Wise, Kara Short, and Anna Schuler.

Psi Beta Omega is active in numerous events on and off campus, such as: Relay for Life, Cardboard Village, Cardboard City, and volunteering at Wilmington Area Humane Society.

Psi Beta Omega is the Sister organization to Tau Kappa Beta.

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Psi beta omega officers

  • President: Meagan Wise
  • Vice President: Chelsea Toland
  • Treasurer: Abagail Evans

Faculty Advisor

  • Dorothy Gurtzweiler

Alumni Advisors

  • Kira Brower
  • Kari Williams