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From Application, to Graduation

Common among schools is the correlation between enrollment and the ability to pay – thus, college selection and financial aid often go hand-in-hand. The financial aid process, at times, can be intimidating. However, with a little guidance and reassurance, students successfully obtain financial aid. In fact, 99% of our students receive financial aid. Tammi spent nine years as a Financial Aid Counselor specifically serving the incoming class: both first-year and transfer students and offers that assurance and assistance families need to navigate the process.

A college education is most likely a student’s biggest, most valuable investment up to this point in their life. We don’t take that lightly. Likewise, it’s not just a decision, it’s a commitment. Wilmington College partners with students in their commitment and works with them to achieve their graduation goal. Tammi is a viable resource to students moving from application to graduation. Whether academic, financial, social, physical or emotional, Tammi is here to direct students as needed to help them thrive in their college experience and to reach their fullest potential.

Tammi works closely with the Admission Office, Student One Stop and Retention Committee in support of the strategic enrollment and retention initiatives which reinforce the College’s mission and core values.

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Tammi Carpenter

Tammi Carpenter


Tammi joined the Wilmington College staff in 2006 serving as Admission Specialist. During her role in Admissions she gained a thorough understanding of the acceptance process and the decision practices prospective students and families pass through as they make their final college selection.

Tammi has personal experience in the public, private, and homeschool institutions as well as being a traditional and non-traditional student in both the community college and private college sectors. Tammi is a native of Wilmington and resides with her family on a small farm here in Clinton county. She is a graduate of Wilmington College with degree in Business Administration.