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Current Students

Q: Will the College now raise my costs (tuition, room and board) substantially?

A: The College is standing firm on protecting the 2015-16 tuition reset designed to reduce the financial hurdle to attending college. For future years Wilmington College will continue to adjust its tuition pricing in its normal manner in response to market changes and to offset inflationary increases.

Other fees such as room, board and technology are evaluated yearly. There will be an increase to individuals living in premium housing to bring the cost of attendance in line with what current freshman are paying.

Q: Will I still be able to work on campus?

A: Yes. Campus employment will not be negatively affected by this change. In fact, with the RIF there may be additional work opportunities available.

Q: Are any services/offices being temporarily suspended or closed permanently?

A: There are none. However, some services/offices will be combined so a new office location for some services may be possible.