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Textbook Information

How Do I Find My Books?

As of Nov. 19, 2021, you can start finding the books that you need for your classes. The Wilmington College main campus bookstore stocks all textbooks that are needed for Wilmington College Cincinnati classes. Please follow the instructions below to find your textbooks for each class:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Textbooks link at the top of the page.
  3. Select the correct Term: SP 2022
  4. Select the Division: Choose A (note: this is a locational code for classes offered through the Wilmington College Cincinnati campus, if the class is offered through the main campus, select M).
  5. Select the Department: this is the course prefix (e.g. AC if the class is AC431 or GL if the class is GL320).
  6. Select the Course: This is the course number (e.g., 431 if the class is AC431 or 320 if the class is GL320).
  7. Select the Section: A1 or A2 (e.g., A1 if the class if GL320.A1 – main campus sections will begin with a M such as M1 or M2).
  8. Click Submit.

ORDER YOUR BOOKS EARLY! Failure to secure your books on time is not an acceptable reason for not completing a pre-assignment! Call the Follett Bookstore with questions at 937.481.2545.

The Follett Bookstore is currently shipping books to students’ homes for free if you select 3-5 business day Ground Shipping. If you need to contact the Follett bookstore directly, you may do so at or 937.481.2545.

Located "register"Rent Your Textbooks

If you wish to rent your books from the Follett Bookstore, you must include the phone number that you used when you completed the Follett Rental Agreement. If you’ve never completed a Follett Rental Agreement, go to Scroll to the bottom of the page. Under the Textbooks heading, click on Register for Text Rental.

Financial Aid Book Voucher

If you are using a financial aid book voucher, please email Will Bradley ( to request information for obtaining a book voucher. He will guide you through the process. Please see the instructions above for completing a Follett Rental Agreement if you have never rented books from the Follett Bookstore.

IMPORTANT! Your financial aid file must be complete to receive notification that you are eligible for a book voucher and your registered hours must match the semester hours on your financial aid award letter. You should also maintain the same registered hours throughout the semester. Any changes to your registered hours during the semester may result in a significant change to your financial aid package.