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The Business Administration major is suited for students who have career goals involving various aspects of management, finance, or human resources management. The broad academic curriculum is infused with the core values of Wilmington College and presents students with both the theoretical and practical applications of business concepts. Whether students seek careers in a Fortune 500 company, a nonprofit organization, or an entrepreneurial start-up, they will graduate from Wilmington College prepared for a life of success in their chosen field.

Required Courses & Electives

AC232, 233 Principles of Accounting I, II: 8 semester hours

EC130, 131 Principles of Economics I, II: 8 semester hours

EC330 Microeconomic Theory: 4 semester hours

EC336, 337 Business Statistics I, II: 8 semester hours

EC339 Money and Banking: 4 semester hours

MA230 Introduction to Management and Organizations: 4 semester hours

MA369 Corporate Finance: 4 semester hours

MA430 Stocks, Bonds and Investments: 4 semester hours

MK230 Introduction to Marketing: 4 semester hours

Finance Electives: Choose 2 electives (each is 4 semester hours) from the following list:

AC336 Tax Accounting

EC331 Macroeconomic Theory

EC433 Advanced Theoretical Economics: Labor, Industrial Organizations, and International Economics

MA330 Business Law