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Multimedia Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies, designed in partnership with Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, is designed to complement and expand upon the practical knowledge from three CSTCC Associates Degree Programs: Audio/Visual Production, Graphic Design, and Web & Multimedia Design.

Core offerings such as Media Law & Ethics and Theories of Mass Communication are combined with highly specialized and ever-evolving topics classes covering the broad spectrum of multimedia studies. The topics classes, in areas including social media, mass communication, film, music, and art history, help to ensure that the program will keep pace with the ever-changing field of multimedia studies.

Required Courses & Electives

Required Courses

MA 230 Introduction to Management 4 semester hours

CA350 Topics in Communication Arts: Media Law & Ethics 4 semester hours

MS350 Topics in Multimedia Studies 4 semester hours

MS350 Topics in Multimedia Studies 4 semester hours

MS430 Theories of Mass Communication 4 semester hours

Multimedia Studies Electives

(choose 2 from the following list of courses; each course is 4 semester hours)

AR330G-FA Ancient Art Cultures

AR331G-FA Modern Art Cultures

AR351G-FA Topics in 20th and 21st Century Art

CA333G-FA International Film Survey

Note: In addition to the required and elective courses in the major listed above, students are also required to fulfill the Wilmington College General Education Program. The completion of 124 semester hours of academic work (including transfer work) is required for graduation and at least 40 semester hours must be in upper division courses. A minimum of 30 semester hours are needed to satisfy the degree residency requirement.