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The Business Administration major’s core courses in accounting, economics, management, and marketing provide a solid foundation in both theory and practice. The selection of a management concentration builds upon the basic concepts of management education to explore more advanced topics such as organizational behavior, competitive advantage, globalization, and strategic management.

Required Courses

AC 230 Financial Accounting 4 semester hours

AC 231 Managerial Accounting 4 semester hours

EC 130 Principles of Economics I: Microeconomics 4 semester hours

EC 131 Principles of Economics II: Macroeconomics 4 semester hours

EC 334 Business Statistics I 4 semester hours

EC 335 Business Statistics II 4 semester hours

MA 230 Introduction to Management 4 semester hours

MA 369 Corporate Finance 4 semester hours

MA 330 Business Law 4 semester hours

MA 496 Strategic Management 4 semester hours

MK 230 Introduction to Marketing 4 semester hours

Management Electives

(Choose 3 courses from the following list; each course is 4 semester hours)

AC 336 Tax Accounting

MA 344 Purchasing

EC 340 Microeconomics Theory

MA 346 Leadership in Organizations

EC 341 Macroeconomics Theory

MA 350 Topics in Management

EC 339 Money and Banking

MA 430 Stocks, Bonds, and Investments

MA 333 Entrepreneurship

MA 432 Conflict Management in the Workplace

MA 338 Human Resources Management

MA 433 Production and Operations Management

MA 340 Managing Creativity

MA 435 Global Business

MA 342 Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

RP 451-50 Topics in Philosophy: Business Ethics

SY 340 Society and Business

Note: In addition to the required and elective courses in the major listed above, students are also required to fulfill the Wilmington College General Education Program. The completion of 124 semester hours of academic work (including transfer work) is required for graduation and at least 40 semester hours must be in upper division courses. A minimum of 30 semester hours are needed to satisfy the degree residency requirement.