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Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies major assumes that a well educated person must explore the rich diversity of the human condition as it has been and is reflected through the study of the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and fine arts. Anchored to excellence in writing, communications and critical thinking, the Liberal Studies major prepares students for a world and careers in constant flux and transition. Liberal Studies equips students who are not well served by a highly career-oriented major to learn what they will need to know to provide leadership in the increasing global community of the 21st century.

Required Courses

Writing Intensive 8 semester hours

Humanities 8 semester hours

Social Sciences 8 semester hours

Science 8 semester hours

Fine Arts 8 semester hours

Global Awareness 8 semester hours

Note: The completion of 124 semester hours of academic work, including transfer work, is required for graduation. In addition to the above required major courses, students are also required to fulfill the Wilmington College general education program. Please consult your academic advisor and your catalog for a complete description of all graduation requirements.