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Education Studies

The catalog language for the Degree Completion Program in Education Studies at Cincinnati State will be as follows: Students who have completed an Associate’s in Applied Science Degree in Early Childhood Education from Cincinnati State Technical and Community College can complete their Bachelor’s of Art Degree in Education Studies on site at Cincinnati State. The degree in Education Studies prepares students to provide leadership in an array of early childhood settings, including preschools, bursary schools, daycare centers, pre-kindergarten programs, group homes, and, in some cases, school systems to oversee and coordinate child care and educational programs. Students learn about the typical and atypical development of young children. They learn how to collaborate with parents and other professionals to create an optimal environment for the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of young children.

Education Studies Major Requirements

Overall Program Requirements for Education Studies (major – 32 hours)

Students must complete an associate’s of applied science in Early Childhood Education (65 total semester hours, including 45 semester hours of education courses) to pursue the Wilmington College major in Education Studies major onsite at Cincinnati State.


Core Requirements (students must complete all 21 hours in transfer or through Wilmington College courses)

ED130 Foundations in Education (4 hours)

ED230 Human Development and Learning (4 hours)

ED240 Reading Core I: Phonemics, Phonics, and Language Acquisition (4 hours)*

Note: This course will be fulfilled with ED344 Phonics, Reading Fluency, and Comprehension in Early Childhood Education (2 hours) & ECE165 Emergent Literacy from Cincinnati State

EC132 Reflective Practitioners for Peaceful Schools (1 hour)

ED360 Survey and Inclusion Philosophy and Strategies (4 hours)

ED470 Internship (4 hours)

Elective Requirements (students must complete 11 hours of the following courses, including 8 upper division hours)

ED270 Internship (3 hours)

ED350 Topics in Education Management (4 hours – may be repeated)

Overall Degree Requirements:

65 transfer hours from Cincinnati State

59 Wilmington College hours

Total degree hours: 124 semester hours