My Career Oriented Mentor (MyCom) is a peer mentoring program established by the Wilmington College Office of Career Services. The purpose of the project is to equip our students with career knowledge, soft skills and career development. MyCom increases engagement with career planning by creating a meaningful pathway experience that is clear and accessible to students. This pathway integrates and organizes existing activities that align the entire student body in direct, meaningful ways:

  • Help students choose a career and develop a plan.
  • Increase student engagement, awareness and alignment with career goals.
  • Enhance the professional development of students toward career goals.

Meet the MyCom Mentors


  1. NETWORKING – MyCom should provide participants with opportunities to broaden and expand their peer network relationships on campus to strengthen support and access to career service resources.
  2. KNOWLEDGE & SKILL TRANSFER – MyCom should provide participants with opportunities to develop specific skills and abilities, increase their knowledge of content areas, pass on their experiences and lessons-learned, and gain perspective on recent developments in the field.
  3. CAREER DEVELOPMENT – MyCom should help participants gain insight on best ways to begin their careers, transition to new ares, and pursue rich experiences to enhance their career progress.
  4. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – MyCom should help participants gain “real-world knowledge,” learn how to apply academic education to real business issues in a value-added way, and understand how this value adds to a business’ success.
  5. SITUATIONAL GUIDANCE – MyCom should enable participants to gain coaching, guidance and advice on how to handle career related projects, duties, dilemmas and problems.