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Approved Colors

Primary Colors (Lime & Dark Green)

Our heritage green is rich and gives us our foundation. In addition, lime green embodies the vibrancy of our school. These core colors should be represented in all Wilmington College design and communications. They should be reproduced in spot colors when possible to retain the integrity of the color. Only use screen tints on rare occasions.

The brand colors (both primary and secondary) are labelled with a PMS (Pantone Matching System) number and their CMYK, RGB and hexadecimal (web) builds. The Pantone colors and CMYK builds should be used for traditional printing. The RGB and Web values are for screen display.

Certain printing methods (offset, digital, desktop, etc.) and computer monitors may adjust the final color output.

Various media such as print, electronic, signage and merchandise may require adjustments to achieve the appearance of the primary colors.


Secondary Colors


The bright palette has been designed to work in harmony with the core primary colors. These colors add vibrancy and energy to the Wilmington College palette. These colors should create contrast within a piece of collateral.

The bright palette is used primarily in undergraduate and admissions collateral, but is designed to work seamlessly with the entire brand palette. Only use one bright color per layout.


Earthy and warm, neutral colors offer a point of balance within the wider palette. Use these colors to create pause and contrast with the core and bright palette.