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Athletic Training

Bachelor of Science

We also offer a Master of Science in Athletic Training


A total of 68 hours is required.


Required courses

AT130 Introduction to Athletic Training (4)

AT135 Emergency Care (2)

AT140 Athletic Training Skills (2)

AT230 Therapeutic Modalities (2)

AT235 Principles of Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation (2)

AT285 Clinical Practicum I (2)

AT286 Clinical Practicum II (2)

AT340 Kinesiology (4)

AT345 Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Lower Extremity Injuries (4)

AT347 Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Upper Extremity Injuries (4)

AT349 Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Head, Neck, and Spine Injuries (4)

AT355 Physiology of Exercise (4)

AT360 General Medical Conditions (4)

AT365 Pharmacology (2)

AT370 Psychosocial Intervention and Referral (2)

AT385 Clinical Practicum III (2)

AT386 Clinical Practicum IV (2)

AT430 Organization and Administration of Athletic Training Programs (4)

AT481 Research in Athletic Training I (4)

AT485 Clinical Practicum V (2)

AT486 Clinical Practicum VI (2)

BI131G-NS Human Nutrition (4)

HS344 Human Anatomy (4)

Athletic Training Program Student Expenses and Fees

  • AT Clothing: Pants, Polo Shirt and Tee shirts, approximately $100.00 per year
  • Fanny Pack and Scissors: $40.00 – $80.00
  • Clinical Practicum Lab Fees: $100.00 per practicum
  • Practicum Lab fees pay for ATRACK Fees.
  • NATA Student Membership fees are optional and would be the responsibility of the student ($75)
  • Background Check and drug test fees (when applicable) vary and are the responsibility of the student.