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Curriculum Plan

Master of Science in Athletic Training (MS in AT)

The MS in AT curriculum takes two years and emphasizes clinical experiences within the context of evidence based practice. During the fall and spring semesters of the first year, students focus in musculoskeletal assessment, acute treatment and therapeutic interventions. Clinical experiences during this time allow the student to utilize these skills in a diverse patient setting. The final fall completes the students’ didactic education and prepares the student for a full immersion experiences. The full immersion experience is designed to provide students with an understanding of all aspects of athletic training and provide them the opportunity to utilize all of the skills they have learned in an integrated, advanced manner.

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Academic Courses Plan

All degree-seeking students must take the 50 hours listed in the MS in AT.


A total of 50 hours with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and grades of “C“ or better required.



AT530  Interventions in Athletic Training I (3)
AT534 Therapeutic Modalities  (3)
AT535 Emergency Procedures in Athletic Training (3)
AT545 Interventions in Athletic Training II (3)
AT581 Evidence Based Practice in Athletic Training (3)
AT585 Clinical Practicum I (1)
AT536 Principles of Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation (3)
AT547 Interventions in AT III (3)
AT549 Interventions in Athletic Training IV (3)
AT586 Clinical Practicum II (1)
AT552 Administrative Operations in Athletic Training (3)
AT554 Inter-Professional Collaboration in Allied Health (1)
AT560 General Medical Conditions (3)
AT565 Therapeutic Interventions in Athletic Training (3)
AT587 Clinical Practicum III (1)
AT588 Clinical Practicum IV (6)
AT593 Professional Development (1)