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Our Monthly Sustainer Program may just be the easiest way to support Wilmington College!

Not only is this program a convenient way for you to show support for the institution you love, it also allows us to count on your gift as a source of reliable monthly income. A gift of $25, $50 or even $100 per month has an incredible impact at WC, because every dollar we raise ultimately helps support and advance our students and programs. When you give a monthly gift, you can let us decide where it is needed most or you can support your favorite departments, activities, organizations and more. Please consider signing up to give a monthly donation today and thanks.

Cody Arnett, Class of 2011

Cody Arnett

“Wilmington College was such a great environment for me to learn and grow. My professors inspired a true sense of stewardship for the environment, which drove my passion to work for a sustainable and innovative company like Tesla.” Cody said. “I know when I give to Wilmington College, I help others have similar experiences. That means something to me and that is why I give monthly.”

Cody Arnett, Class of 2011 and current Area Sales Manager for Tesla Motors in the Washington, DC area, became a sustaining donor this year.

Why give monthly?

Monthly gifts save time, trees, and postage. Monthly gifts are also critical in allowing us to budget with a reliable stream of income. Supporting us in this way is a convenient way to spread your annual gifts over the year, as well. It is an easy way to support us where we need it most or designate a gift to your favorite sports team or program.

How does it work?

As a Wilmington College Sustainer, you will no longer receive regular fundraising solicitations. Instead, your monthly contribution will be automatically transferred from your bank account or credit card to the Wilmington Fund, unless designated otherwise by you. At the end of each year, we provide a contribution summary for your records.

How do I join?

Sign up securely here

Online sign-ups save time and paper!