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Quaker Leaders' Club ($10,000+)

Andrew and Jean Albrecht

Rosanna Phillips Allen*

Charles* and Jerrie Anderson

Austin E. Knowlton Foundation

Philip* and Barbara Bayless

Bill Marine Ford

Rebecca S. Bonnell

Robert E. and Joyce Buerger

Mary E. Cochran*

Community Improvement Corporation

Dayton Foundation

Louis P. Diefenbach Fund*

Ruth Esther Durham*

Merrill E. and Lois Evans

Florida United Methodist


Lillian Fortner

William and Joyce Fulton

Elizabeth Garvey

John Allen and Carolyn Haas

Edward F. and Claudia L. Hagy

Thomas G. Hickey Jr. and

Leslie Hickey

Lee D. Hieronymus

Hieronymus Family Fund, Inc.

Eleanor Howard

Robert P. Kaufman*

James E. and Edna Landon

Sidney and Sharon Mishkin

Monsanto Company

Paul T. Neumann and Arloa

Eckels, M.D.

New Sabina Industries

Ohio Foundation of

Independent Colleges

John B. Reid

Susan Schwirck

Sanjiv Shanmugam

Luke Sickle*

Eugene and Christine H. Snyder

Roy Joe* and Ruth Stuckey

Peggy and Willis A. Sturdivant

Matthew D. Telmanik

Lee B. Thomas, Jr.

J & L Thomas Foundation

Robert E. and Sharon Touchton

Timothy P. and Debra J. Trayer

Universal Woods, Inc.

Roderick and Margaret Warren

Westboro Friends

Wilmington Yearly Meeting

Catherine Withrow

Hiram B. (Luke) and Ann Woods

* deaceased