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2019-2020 Wilmington College Scholars Program

Schedule & Registration

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Scholarship Details

  • Available for Fall 2020 entry.
  • Awards determined from the on-campus scholarship program at levels of: 
    • Presidential Scholarship – Full Tuition each year
    • Dean’s Scholarship – $20,000 each year
    • Faculty Honor Scholarship – $16,000  each year
  • Program dates are Dec. 7, 2019 and Feb. 22, 2020. This program is by invitation only.
  • Presidential and Dean’s recipients must reside on campus.
  • All Presidential scholarship recipients must participate in the Honors Program. Dean’s must choose either the Honors or WISE program (Wilmington Institute for Stewardship and Engagement). Faculty Honor scholarship recipients can participate in either the Honors Program or the WISE Program.
  • Awards are renewable so long as the recipient meets the requirements designated in the Award Intent Form that will be signed to accept the scholarship.
  • Scholarships may not be combined with other awards (with the exception of talent awards, which can be combined with the WC Scholars Program awards).
  • Available regardless of financial need.

Program Details

  • Candidates must participate in one of the scholarship programs in order to receive a scholarship.
  • Candidates must submit a resume and cover letter prior to the program by the deadline date.
  • Candidates will participate in a group interview consisting of other candidates and Wilmington College faculty members. Questions will cover a wide array of topics. The purpose of this exercise is to generate a thought-provoking, stimulating conversation that will allow you to state your opinion and back it with example or facts. 

Some examples may be:

  •    Describe how technology has helped or hindered your education?
  •    If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be? 

Instructions for the Cover Letter and Resume

Cover Letter Guidelines

  • No more than one page in length
  • Single-spaced
  • 12pt font

Resume Guidelines

Include the following sections on your resume:

  •  Education
  •  Work Experience
  •  Leadership & Service Activities
  •  Honors & Awards
  • Sample Resume

Instructions for submitting your cover letter and resume

  • Submit both documents as PDF files.
  • Resume and cover letter are due by Nov. 25, 2019 to participate in the Dec. 7, 2019 program or Feb. 10, 2020 to participate in the Feb. 22, 2020 program.
  • Submit your materials via email to 
  • Do not mail your materials. Alternatively, you may choose to upload them at the time you fill out your registration form.