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Transfer Opportunity Initiative


Wilmington College is dedicated to supporting community college graduates both academically and financially. Our mission of college access is the core value behind our Transfer Opportunity Initiative. This program provides substantial financial aid to students who are currently pursuing or have completed their Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree at a regionally accredited Ohio Community College.

The goal of the Transfer Opportunity Initiative is to provide a community for Associate Degree holders from our Ohio two year institutions. Through this community students will live together, meet regularly, attend lectures, and hear from guest speakers to enhance their education. This community of students will provide Wilmington College with a strong foundation for Ohio transfer students in their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.

The Transfer Opportunity Initiative requires students to meet specific admission requirements prior financial aid packaging. Eligible students will receive financial support while pursuing their four year degree at Wilmington College.

Wilmington College encourages applications from all community college students outside of the eligibility requirements for the Transfer Opportunity Initiative.

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TUITION & FEES (2021-22)

$28,415 per year (not including health insurance)

ROOM & BOARD (2021-22)

$10,870per year

99% of our students receive financial aid.

This program is a combination of Wilmington College aid, Federal aid, and State aid. Students who are accepted into the program will have 100% of their Tuition, Fees*, Room and Board costs satisfied. Students will only need to utilize their $7,500 Federal Stafford Loan eligibility as part of their overall financial aid award to satisfy tuition, fees*, room and board.

*Pre-registration fees such as the enrollment fee, housing deposit, and parking pass are not included. Courses with additional fees such as lab fees are not included. Federal Stafford Loan origination fees are not included.


Students who are interested in the Transfer Opportunity Initiative must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Associate of Arts or Science Degree Candidate or Recipient at a regionally accredited Ohio institution.
  • Full Time enrollment at Wilmington College Fall and Spring semester
  • Minimum 2.75 cumulative grade point average from Community College
  • Must submit a current FAFSA to Wilmington College (use our FAFSA code: 003142)
  • Student must have a $0 Estimated Family Contribution based off FAFSA information
  • Student will be required to live
    on campus On campus visit and meeting with Transfer Admission staff.