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Transfer Students


Contact us with your specific questions at 937.382.6661, ext. 260 or email Below are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Will my credits/classes from previous college work transfer to Wilmington College?

Wilmington College accepts transfer credits from any and all regionally accredited institutions. A maximum of 67 semester hours credit is acceptable from institutions offering only an Associate Degree Program and a maximum of 97 semester hours credit is transferable from 4-year institutions. To determine what classes will transfer directly from your current institution(s), you are welcome to set up a Transcript Evaluation appointment with Pam Baessler, our Assistant Registrar, by contacting her via phone at 800.341.9318, ext. 322. Please note that she will require transcripts to be sent to the Office of Admission one week prior to an appointment.


How long will I have to attend Wilmington College before I am able to graduate?

The completion of 124 semester hours or credits of academic work is required for graduation. A minimum of 30 semester hour credits must be registered for and completed at Wilmington College in order to receive a Wilmington College degree. To determine an academic timeline in preparation for graduation, please contact the Office of Admission to schedule a campus visit or contact Pam Baessler, our Assistant Registrar directly to schedule a transcript evaluation meeting.


What are the requirements and documents needed for admission to Wilmington College?

Transfer students with at least 12 semester hours of credit should have a minimum college grade point average of 2.0 and be in good academic standing from the previous institution.


The following application materials are needed for admission to Wilmington College:

  • Application for Admission
  • Official high school transcript or official GED scores from the State Board of Education (unless you obtained an associate’s or bachelor’s degree)
  • Official college transcripts from each college attended. If you were registered for classes but never attended or withdrew before the term ended, we will still need an official transcript from the institution showing that you withdrew from those classes.

All official, final college transcripts must be received before classes begin for the semester in which the student is enrolling. Students will not be permitted to attend class and class registrations will be cancelled if all official transcripts are not received by the deadline stipulated in the student’s acceptance letter. All documents should be sent directly to the Office of Admission.


When will I know when I have been accepted to Wilmington College?

Action will be taken on applications when all material is received. Notification of admission decisions is sent immediately. An acceptance is always conditional upon maintaining the standard of academic achievement and conduct through completion of the last term at another institution.


When should I apply for financial aid and complete a FAFSA?

All need-based financial aid is determined by the filing of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This system ensures consistency and fairness in awarding financial aid to students with genuine need regardless of race, color, creed, sex or national origin. The FAFSA may be completed at Students must be accepted to the College before a financial aid award can be determined.


When and how do I register for classes as a transfer student at Wilmington College?

Depending on the time of admission and the number of transferable credit hours, transfer students have the option of registering with their current class during the open registration period or schedule an individual registration appointment through the Office of Admission if class registration for their class year has already passed.


Who will be my advisor when I am a student at Wilmington College?

All degree-seeking students will be assigned an academic advisor. Students are typically assigned to faculty members in the students’ academic major of interest. Students will maintain the same academic advisor throughout their academic duration at Wilmington College unless a formal change is made by the student and the change has been approved by the proper administration. Students will be required to meet with their academic advisors each semester prior to registration.


I would like to take a few classes at Wilmington College. How do I apply for admission?

All students are classified as either “regular” or “special”. A regular student is one who has been admitted through the Office of Admission as a candidate for a degree. A special student is one who is not seeking a degree from Wilmington College, but taking classes for professional development or for a special interest. These students may complete a Special Student application in the Office of Admission. A student may continue in the status of “special student” indefinitely and accumulate an unlimited number of hours. However, regardless of the number of hours accumulated, all special students must abide by the terms of the special student classification:

  • May not register for any class(es) if the student has been denied admission to the College
  • May not register for class(es) until two days before classes begin.
  • May not have a faculty advisor.
  • May not obtain a degree from Wilmington College until the student has completed the formal admission process and has been accepted as a degree-seeking student.
  • May not receive financial aid funding.
  • May not be issued a college ID and/or participate in campus organizations.

Does Wilmington College offer online or evening classes?

The Wilmington College Main Campus does not offer online courses. While some courses are offered during weekday evenings, all academics majors require a student to attend classes during the daytime.


I’m seeking my education licensure. How do I apply for this program?

Students only interested in receiving education licensure should contact the Wilmington College Education Department directly at 800.341.9318, ext. 274.


I was academically dismissed or suspended from my previous institution. How will this affect my admission at Wilmington College?

Any student who has been academically dismissed or suspended from his/her most current institution is not admissible at Wilmington College. It is recommended that the student investigate other education opportunities to strengthen skills through college level courses in English composition and college mathematics. It is also suggested that the student enroll in basic classes such as psychology, science, language, etc. Upon successful completion of one academic year of course work at another accredited institution, we will review the student’s application again. However, admission is not guaranteed at that time.