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WC Transfer Advantage


Wilmington College values the education a student receives at a 2-year institution or community college. We also understand that completing a bachelor’s degree is a priority for community college graduates. We’ve made the transfer process seamless for students who have graduated with an Associate of Arts and/or Associate of Science OR have completed the Ohio Transfer Module requirements from a regionally accredited institution.


Tuition & Fees (2019-20)

$26,775 per year (does not include health insurance)

Room and Board (2019-20)


Average Total Aid Package

$24,263 (99% of WC students receive financial aid)

Heather Miller

Heather Miller (profile)



Want to learn more about the Wilmington College Transfer Advantage? Complete the form below and our Transfer Admission Counselor, Heather Miller, will contact you!

It's Quick!

It's Quick!

Students have the ability to complete their bachelor’s degree in a timely fashion and not spend extra time completing general education requirements.

It's Simple!

It's Simple

For students who meet the requirements of our Transfer Advantage, your general education requirements are complete at Wilmington College, it’s that simple! What does this mean for you as a student? You can focus on your major requirements and expand your learning opportunities here at Wilmington College!

It's Affordable

It's Affordable

Wilmington College offers Transfer Scholarships and financial aid that help make a private college education affordable. Over 99% of our students receive financial aid and our average financial aid package is over $23,000.