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Student Ambassadors

Feel free to email one of the Wilmington College students below to ask them questions regarding their Wilmington College experience.  They will be more than happy to respond.


Kari EllisonKari

Hello everyone! My name is Kari Ellison. I am from Chillicothe, Ohio and studying Social Work as a major here at Wilmington College. I chose Wilmington for the amazing people that I found on campus, but I also chose to study at Wilmington College because during my first visit to campus, it felt like home. The thing I love most about Wilmington College is the personal connection that we, as students, have with our professors.  They are accessible and always willing to offer their assistance.  They make it their priority to get to know us and are genuinely interested in seeing us succeed!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have about the College. I will be happy to help!

Ipsilan Castillo

My name is Ipsilan Castillo.  I am from Costa Rica. I am currently a Junior at Wilmington College studying Early Childhood Education and Intervention. Some of the organizations that I am involved with on campus are: Amnesty International, Peer Support Team, International Club, Latino Student Association, and I am also a Student Ambassador.

The reason why I chose WC is because since the first time I set foot on the campus during my visit I felt like I belonged. Previously, I had attended very small schools. To put it in perspective, my graduating class was 10 students. Therefore, looking for a college was a nerve-racking experience. I was afraid that I would lose the sense of community that came with attending a small high school.  I did not want to just become a number. I was afraid that my voice would get lost in a large class. My visit to Wilmington made me feel at ease with my concerns.  Everyone was very welcoming, class sizes were small and I noticed that it was a very friendly campus. Once I became a student here, I soon became part of the family and enjoy the close-knit relationships where professors are genuinely concerned about the success of each one of their students. As you can tell by the number of organizations I am part of, I love my community and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Jalaun Covington

I am Jalaun Covington, a freshman from Columbus Ohio. I am currently majoring in Sport Management with a minor in Coaching. I’m a part of Black Student Initiative (BSI), Men of Excellence (MOE), Wilmington College Football, and currently a Student Ambassador serving the campus and the Office of Admission. I chose Wilmington College because of the friendly and inclusive atmosphere that the faculty creates and nurtures with the students. They make certain that every student is comfortable and give great attention to the student’s needs. My favorite part about Wilmington College is the opportunity and relationships you develop with the faculty and students that can be cherished for a lifetime. Being a part of many different organizations has helped to provide me a great perspective of campus life and has immersed me with an extensive amount of knowledge and appreciation for my Wilmington College family. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. Go Quakers!

Bryan Miller

My name is Bryan Miller. I am a Junior from Covington, Ohio currently studying Agricultural with a concentration in Agribusiness and a minor in Business Administration. I chose Wilmington College because of the atmosphere I felt as soon as I stepped on campus. Walking on campus the first time during Ag Visit Day, it felt like home. After meeting with the Admission staff and the Agriculture professors that day, I knew that WC is where I wanted to spend my college years. My mind was set on being a Fightin’ Quaker! Throughout the next year and a half I started figuring out what my Wilmington College experience would be like. My favorite part of Wilmington is the friendships I have made over the past two years. Wilmington College provides an atmosphere that allows everyone to be a successful student as well as a successful person.

Heidi Edens

Email Heidi

My name is Heidi Edens and I am from Middletown, Ohio. I am a sophomore who is double majoring in Agronomy and Communication Arts. I struggled a lot my senior year when deciding what the next step in my life would entail and figuring out what place would be the best match for me. Immediately, the Wilmington College community welcomed me with open arms and gave me a wide array of support to help me decide where would I best fit in within the world we live. The faculty show genuine interest in who I am and give me the confidence to believe I can confidently accomplish my goals. It’s been incredible to have people who want me to change the world and pour support into me in every way possible. I love being surrounded by not just professors, staff, and other students, but by friends who help me network, strengthen my skills, and while doing so, always bring me joy. Wilmington College has given me a family that I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life, and I am forever grateful to have such a tight knit community help me grow as I prepare for my future.