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Fresh Start Program

Fresh Start is a second chance to earn a baccalaureate degree with forgiveness for past performance. This readmission option recognizes that maturity shifts priorities and improves the chances for successfully completing a degree program.

A person is eligible for the Fresh Start option after five (5) consecutive calendar years of absence from Wilmington College. A Fresh Start will be granted upon readmission if requested by the applicant on the Application for Admission. Upon readmission under Fresh Start, course work begins with no cumulative grade point average. Previous Wilmington College courses with grades of “C-” or above will fulfill requirements for a degree unless a higher grade is specifically required by the student’s major, minor, or admission to a program, or unless dated materials no longer fulfill requirements, but the quality points will not be computed in the GPA. Readmission under Fresh Start places a person in good academic standing. It is important to note that readmission under Fresh Start does not erase a student’s academic history in meeting satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes. Most students readmitted under Fresh Start will not be eligible to receive financial aid until the minimum standards of satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes are met. Students interested in obtaining financial aid funding are strongly encouraged to consult with the Director , Student One Stop to determine financial aid eligibility. A Fresh Start participant may earn baccalaureate honors. Fresh Start may be used only once.