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Net price is what you pay. Value is what you receive.


Our price & value are leading the way in Ohio among private colleges.

  • $24,263 average financial aid package awarded to students for 2019-20.
  • 99% of incoming students for the Fall 2018 term filed a FAFSA.
  • Many of our students receive grant funds in addition to scholarships and awards. This is money that does NOT have to be paid back!
  • Estimate your own tuition cost with our Tuition Calculator.

Private College Can Be Affordable

  • We strongly encourage you to apply and review your full financial aid package before making a decision. At most private colleges, including ours, the final cost of attendance is often much lower once financial aid is applied.
  • Private colleges like Wilmington College offer more financial aid than most large state institutions. View the comparison chart below to see how we measure up to local schools.

Compare Our Affordability with Local Institutions

School Tuition Fees Room & Board Total
The following are the 2021-2022 costs for Wilmington College.
Wilmington College $27,720 $1,050 $10,600 $39,390
The following are the 2020-2021 costs for each institution.*
Capital University $37,987 $320 $11,716 $50,014
Marietta College $35,732 $1,032 $11,548 $48,312
Bluffton University $33,952 $550 $11,346 $45,848
Otterbein University $33,624 $450 $11,768 $45,842
Defiance College $33,150 $760 $10,614 $44,524
Heidelberg University $31,700 $600 $10,900 $43,200
Muskingum University $28,700 $962 $11,860 $41,522
Mount Saint Joseph University $30,100 $1,100 $9,700 $40,920
Cedarville University $32,364 $200 $7,922 $40,486
*Tuition information for other institutions listed may be updated at any time. Please consult their website to confirm pricing.