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Wilmington Institute for Stewardship & Engagement

The WISE program is designed as a stand-alone, holistic experience for students that can be customized to suit their independent needs and future career paths. Students from all majors and minors can participate, and upon completion, will receive a Certificate in Leadership and Sustainable Change and recognition of completion on their transcripts. The program is designed to accommodate both new and transfer students and can be completed in as few as 5 semesters in conjunction with their existing academic programs.

WISE participants will complete an academic track that consists of 11 credit hours in addition to their selected major and/or minor requirements. The WISE is a co-curricular program available to students with a minimum GPA of 2.75, which must be maintained throughout program participation. Students who apply to the WISE will be accepted through a competitive selection process. WISE participants will automatically enroll in the Wilmington College Work Program upon acceptance and will be placed in Work Program positions that emphasize leadership/sustainability (6-8 hours per week during the academic year for a minimum of 4 semesters).

Visit the WISE program website to learn more and to apply!


Wilmington WISE Wilmington WISE Application

WISE is a certificate program of Wilmington College

Six Components of the WISE Program

1) Activate Your Education, Kick Start Your Career.

The Wilmington Institute for Stewardship & Engagement (WISE) offers a stand-alone co-curricular leadership program open to majors from all disciplines. It combines academics + applied work and internship opportunities, bundled into 11 total semester hours.

2) Some Leaders are Called, and Some Leaders are Found.

First-year and transfer students with a minimum GPA of 2.75 may apply for acceptance into the WISE program. Students admitted into the program will be placed into Work Program positions on campus for the first semester (fall) prior to commencing coursework and will continue in Work Program positions for a minimum of 4 semesters.

3) An Academic Foundation at its Core.

Once students complete a semester within the Work Program, they will enroll in the WS131: Intro to Leadership course (2 hr). This course is designed to offer foundational studies in leadership from a multi-disciplinary perspective, taught by panel.

4) Leadership is Collaborative.

After completion of WS131, WISE participants will enroll in three 1-hour topics courses (WS350), from lobbying in Washington D.C., to mediation training, to managing organizational change. The topics vary each semester and are taught by actual leaders in the field.

5) Experience Under your Belt.

Experience yields confidence, and that’s a characteristic of effective leaders. WISE participants are required to complete 4 hours of internship experience that relate to applied leadership and/or sustainable change management during their junior or senior year. Multiple internships may be combined for a minimum of 4 semester hours.

6) Passion and Creativity Will Help Land You a Job (Not to Mention a Hefty Portfolio).

A final senior capstone course (2 hr) provides students with opportunity for reflection and preparation of their co-curricular portfolios. Successful completion of the capstone will result in the awarding of a Certificate in Applied Leadership and Sustainable Change, also noted on official transcripts.