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Summer Classes at Wilmington College

Summer classes are a convenient way to stay on track to graduation, get ahead, or take an interesting class that may not fit into a traditional semester. Wilmington College offers an abbreviated Maymester as well as a summer semester that runs from June to August. These classes are open to Wilmington students and other community members. In addition, Wilmington College students who are headed home for the summer are encouraged to consider taking classes at one of our two branch campuses in Cincinnati.

Summer 2018 Schedule
Maymester 2018 (4-Week Term with Pre-Assignments)
Tuesday, May 15 Classes Begin
Tuesday, May 15 Drop/Add Period
Monday, May 28 Memorial Day Holiday
Tuesday, May 29 Last Day to Drop Classes
Thursday, June 7 (Non-Lab) Last Day of Classes/Exams
Friday, June 8 (Lab) Last Day of Classes/Exams
Tuesday, June 12, 9:00 AM Final Grades Due to Academic Records
Summer Term 2018 (8-Week Term)
Monday, June 11 Classes Begin
Friday, June 15 Last Day of Drop/Add Period
Wednesday, July 4 Independence Day Holiday
Thursday, July 12 Last Day to Drop Classes
Thursday, August 2 Last Day of Classes/Exams
Tuesday, August 7, 9:00 AM Final Grades Due to Academic Records
2018 Classes

Class times and details can be found on the WC Portal under My Academics, Course Schedules and Registrations. The list includes:

Main Campus

Maymester (5/15/18-6/8/18)

  • Fundamentals of Horticulture
  • Field Practicum II
  • Field Practicum III
  • Field Practicum IV
  • Topics in Political Science: Women in Politics

Main Campus

Summer Term (06/11/2018-08/02/2018)

  • Human Nutrition
  • Topics in Global Literature: Women Writers in the Developing World
  • Senior Global Seminar: The Middle East
  • Personal Wellness
  • Topics in Music: Renegades, Explorers
  • Social Work Field Placement

Branch Campuses

Maymester (5/14/18-8/6/18)

WC Blue Ash

  • Principles of Accounting II
  • Tax Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Dramatic Literature I
  • Money and Banking
  • Special Exhibit/Performing Arts
  • Algebra I

WC Cincinnati State

  • Business Statistics II
  • Top Lit: World Myths
  • Corporate Finance
  • Society and Business

Branch Campuses

Summer Term (6/4/18-7/25/18)

WC Blue Ash

  • Human Biology
  • Senior Global Seminar: Israel and Palestine
  • Personal Wellness
  • Human Resources Management
  • Train, Development, & Performance Management
  • Intro to Marketing
  • Topics in Music: 50 Years of the Beatles
  • Advanced Topics in Biology: Holistic/Integrated Health

WC Cincinnati State

  • International Film Survey
  • Topics in Communication Arts: Media, Law, Ethics
  • Chemistry & the Environment
  • Topics in Literature: Images Women World Literature
  • Senior Global Seminar: New Zealand/North American Indians
  • Topics in Art: Mexican Mural

Students are also encouraged to consider taking an internship for credit.


Registration occurs as usual on the WC Portal. Students can talk to their advisor if they need help. Registration opens in the fall and remains open until classes are filled.


  • Maymester: $299.00 per semester hour
  • Summer Semester: $500.00 per semester hour
  • Summer Internship: $125.00

Tuition can be paid through WILpay or in the Student One Stop Center.

Although it is possible to use financial aid for summer classes, this draws from spring and fall aid awards. Please visit the Student One Stop Center for more information.

Student Life

Room and Board:

Students can elect to live at Wilmington College over the summer if they are taking classes here or if they are working in the local community. Applications are available in the housing office starting Wednesday, April 4th. All students are housed in Marble Hall and move from their spring assignments into Marble after cleaning and damage inspection is complete.

Over the summer, A/C is free and we expand the microwaves in the kitchen. In addition, alcohol is allowed for students who are 21 and older as long as their room door is shut and no minors are consuming alcohol. The TOP is closed from the last day of spring semester until the day before classes start in August.

If a student is taking classes or staying on campus while working elsewhere, housing costs $100.00/week for a double or $150.00/week for a single. Students who work on campus for 35 hours a week are only billed the taxable fringe off their wages, usually $25.00 to $50.00 per pay cycle.

Student Resources

Pyle center is open from 6:30 am to 10 pm every day over the summer. The library is open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. All three computer labs are open 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

The Quaker Recreation Center (QRC) and QuakerFit class schedules are to be determined.  Updates will be posted on WC app and the online QuakerFit Calendar.


Any student can apply for summer jobs on campus. Listings can be found on WHOLELink. Many departments will be hiring in April for summer positions so the student can be trained before summer begins. Job listings are updated daily so check back frequently. Some on-campus jobs lower the cost of on-campus housing. This benefit will be listed in the job description. Students are encouraged to stop by the Career Services Center for help finding or applying for a job.

Branch Campuses

Our branch campuses offer a unique opportunity for students from the Cincinnati area to continue their education over the summer. Classes are offered once a week to accommodate work schedules. Non-accelerated classes run from May until August. Accelerated class schedules vary. A full list of classes can be found on the branch campus page of the website under academics. To register for classes at our branch campuses, talk to Academic Records.

Not a Wilmington Student?

If you are not a current student at Wilmington College, but you would like to take a summer course, please contact our admissions office.
1870 Quaker Way
Wilmington, OH 45177