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The Global Module

After completion of GL125/GL325, students choose the area of thought and expression in which they wish to concentrate their global studies, declaring one of the following modules. Sample classes are provided. For a complete list, check in the Catalog.


Levi Stump and Loryn Bryson throw themselves into a debate on Scottish independence during their EN250 Scottish Literature class.

Natural Science: Sustainable Development. Classes include:

  • Fundamentals of Horticulture
  • Topics in Field Biology
  • Basics of Earth Science
  • Animal Diversity

Social Science: Global Justice Classes include:

  • International Crime and Justice
  • Equality, Environment, Growth, and Sustainable Development
  • Global Politics of Food
  • Environmental Sociology and Communication

Humanities: Journeys across Cultures. Classes include:

  • East/West Philosophy
  • World of Poetry
  • Sports History
  • Spanish: Sexo, Drogas, y Rock y Roll

Fine Arts: Creative Expression for Peace, Social Change, and Innovation Classes include:

  • Ancient Art Cultures
  • Modern Art Cultures
  • Uppity Women in Music
  • Theater for Social Change

Independent Module. Primarily for transfer students and those with unique global education interests not met by one of the area modules.