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Sport Management


A total of 56 hours is required.

Download the 8-Semester Plan


AC230 Principles of Accounting I (4)

MA339 Business Communications (4)

SM230 Introduction to Sport Management (4)

SM233 Sport Finance and Economics (4)

SM235 Sport Marketing and Communication (4)

SM333 Moral and Ethical Reasoning in Sport (2)

SM334 Governance of Sport and Athletics (2)

SM385 Strategic Sport Management Practicum (4)

SM430 Facility & Event Management (4)

SM440 Leadership in Sport (4)

SM443 Legal Aspects of Sport (4)

SM470 Sport Management Internship (4)

Required: 12 hours from the following.

EC130 Principles of Economics I: Microeconomics (4)

EC131 Principles of Economics II: Macroeconomics (4)

MA330 Business Law (4)

MA333 Entrepreneurship (4)

MA336 Human Resources Management (4)

MK230 Introduction to Marketing (4)

MK334 Multicultural Marketing (4)

MK336 Retail Management (4)

MK337 Consumer Marketing (4)

MK369 Business to Business Marketing and Sales (4)