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Sport Management


SM130 FIRST AID AND CPR (1). An investigation of the immediate assistance administered in the case of injury or sudden illness before the arrival of trained medical personnel. Includes national certification in first aid and child and adult CPR. Fee $50.00.

SM230 INTRODUCTION TO SPORT MANAGEMENT (4). The purpose of this class is to provide an overview of the sport industry that introduces the student to the basic fundamental knowledge and skill sets required of the sport manager to solve sport business problems. Focus will also be placed on understanding career options in the sport industry and preparing for employment. Identifies necessary competencies for Sport managers.

SM233 SPORT FINANCE AND ECONOMICS (4). An analysis of financial and economic concepts applied to sport environments. Sport enterprises will be viewed as economic systems which must respond to changes in supply, demand, and market trends. Fundraising for various constituencies will also be explored. Prerequisite: SM230. 

SM235 SPORT MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS (4). An introduction to the exciting field of sports marketing and communications and its role in society. The subject includes: marketing through sport sponsorships, endorsements, naming rights, licensing, sport media and communications, marketing communications and management, marketing of sports segmentation, distribution product decisions, pricing, promotion and emerging issues in sports marketing. Skill:[O] Prerequisite: SM230.

SM330 BIOMECHANICS (2). This course introduces students to the concepts of mechanics as they apply to human movement, particularly those pertaining to exercise, sport, and physical activities. Prerequisite: HS344.

SM333 MORAL AND ETHICAL REASONING IN SPORT (2). This course will provide philosophic theory that has proven effective in the ethical and moral development of athletes. Strategies will be presented to aid the students in the development of a consistent value system based on justice, responsibility, and beneficence. Prerequisite: SM230.

SM334 GOVERNANCE OF SPORT AND ATHLETICS (2). An analysis of the governing organizations of sport at the recreational, secondary, intercollegiate, professional, international, sport specific, and Olympic levels. In addition, sport specific governing bodies will be examined. Prerequisite: SM230.

SM336 STRENGTH AND FITNESS PROGRAMMING FOR SPORT (2). This course is an overview of the current principles of strength and fitness training for athletic populations. A range of topics from the physiology of strength training, the muscles required for various strength and endurance exercises, basic principles of strength and endurance development, strength and endurance training program variables, proper lifting and exercising techniques and safety procedures will be discussed. Prerequisites: SM230 and junior or senior standing.

SM385 STRATEGIC SPORT MANAGEMENT PRACTICUM (4). Students develop and refine intermediate sport management skill competencies and proficiency in a variety of formal classroom and experiential settings. Students are called upon to probe, question, and evaluate all aspects of their assigned preceptor’s external and internal situation. Taught through extensive hands-on learning, students grapple with sizing up their preceptors standing in the marketplace and its ability to go head-to-head with rivals, learn the difference between winning strategies and mediocre ones, and become more skilled in spotting ways to improve the preceptors operational strategy. Students are assigned to commit 160 hours to their respective preceptors. Taught Pass/No Pass. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing.

SM430 FACILITY AND EVENT MANAGEMENT (4). Provides the requisite knowledge to become an event and facility manager. Preparation for becoming an effective manager of the unique environment specific to the athletic arena. Student will also be required to perform field experience in event management. Prerequisite: SM230. 

SM440 LEADERSHIP IN SPORT (4). This capstone course focuses on the leadership principles for directing programs and facilities in sport management. This course is an analysis of effective management strategies and the body of knowledge associated with pursuing a career in sport management. The course will introduce students to sport management career opportunities in the sport industry, and it encourages students to see sport principles as they apply to management, leadership style, communication, and motivation. [Skills: O,T] Prerequisites: SM230 and junior or senior standing. 

SM443 LEGAL ASPECTS OF SPORT (4). An analysis of the legal process within the sport enterprise. Preparation for dealing with the legal ramifications of the sporting world. [Skills: I,W ] Prerequisites: SM230 and junior or senior standing.