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We also offer a MAJOR in Spanish.

A total of 24 hours is required.

Required: 8 hours from the following.

SP130G-HU Elementary Spanish I (4)

SP131G-HU Elementary Spanish II (4)

Required: 2 hours from the following.

SP230G-HU Leones y Tigres y Osos…Oh my! (2)

SP232G-HU The Cartoon Network (2)

Required: 2 hours from the following.

SP235G-HU Who Am I This Time? Role-Plays in Spanish (2)

SP237G-HU Sexo, Drogas y Rock y Roll: El mundo contempora’neo (2)

Required: 12 hours from the following.

SP330G-HU Spanish Conversation and Composition (4-12)

SP335G-HU Introduction to Hispanic Arts (4)

SP340G-HU The Culture of Latin America (4)

SP385 Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum Module (CLAC) (1-2)

SP430G-HU Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature (4)

SP433G-HU Masterpieces of Spanish Literature (4)