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The United States is the fourth largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. Opportunities abound for persons able to communicate in Spanish. Fields ranging from business and political science to law, education, social work, agriculture, financial services and criminal justice all are in need of Spanish speakers.

You will enjoy a truly unique program with courses designed specifically for you and your interests. The program is highly interactive and student-centered with the goal of graduating bilingual and bicultural students.

You also will have the opportunity to visit Spanish-speaking countries, where you will become immersed in a different culture, interact daily with residents of that nation and discover your ability to successfully navigate in an often unfamiliar environment.

EASILY “FAST-TRACK” A SPANISH MAJOR OR MINOR! Students who have taken high school Spanish, as well as native Spanish speakers will be evaluated for their language proficiency and placed in the appropriate course. Advanced placement allows students to skip over lower level classes, reducing the overall course load for a major by as much as 12 credits, depending on your placement. See Dr. Stahley for further information on advanced placement.

Spanish faculty have led numerous trips abroad to countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras & Mexico.

Student Experience


Hello! My name is Ally Cupps. I am a first-year student at Wilmington double majoring in AgBusiness and Spanish. I chose Wilmington College hoping for a personal, hands-on experience, and I was not disappointed. Before completing my first full year on campus I hold three jobs on campus, have made many new friends and connections, have been on our academic farm each week and sat in a real classroom with real people. WC allows me to make more tight knit connections with peers, professors, and other faculty. Being a Student Ambassador, I have many opportunities to talk with prospective students and share why I love Wilmington College. Our culture at Wilmington is one of respect, kindness, and support.


A Spanish major doesn’t limit you to a few possible job opportunities but rather opens the door to a great variety of possible careers. This fact has led Wilmington College Spanish majors to find careers in the following areas:  

Careers in the Areas of...
  • Child Services
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • American Express
  • The Foreign Service
  • Linguist for the Air Force
  • Telecommunications
  • Law School & Graduate Studies