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Course Descriptions


SY130 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY (4). The study of society with special emphasis on critical thinking in sociological analysis. Topics covered include theory, methodology, culture, socialization, social institutions, deviance, race and ethnicity, gender, stratification, aging, marriage and family, and social change.
SY230 THE SOCIOLOGY OF CRIME AND DEVIANCE (4). A survey of crime and delinquency from the perspective of sociology. Emphasis is on explanations of criminal behavior, models of deviant behavior, and societal reactions to all forms of deviance.
SY333G ENVIRONMENTAL SOCIOLOGY AND COMMUNICATION (4). This course examines society’s relationship with the environment. Students will gain a better understanding of the inherent social nature of many contemporary environmental problems, including population change, food production systems, global climate change and natural resource depletion, and how communities have mobilized to address these issues. A significant portion of the course will focus on the development of an environmental ethic. Offered even Springs.
SY335 RURAL SOCIOLOGY (4). This course is designed to examine key dimensions of rural society throughout the United States and the world. What does it mean to be rural? Are rural people different from those who live in other areas? What are the trends that are affecting rural areas, both globally and in this country? What are some of the problems that people in rural areas must confront? Are rural areas likely to grow or to decline? This course will provide the information and analytical tools to understand rural society in a sociological context. [Skill: W] Prerequisite: EN101 or EN103H.
SY340 SOCIETY AND BUSINESS (4). Critically examines the interrelationships among current and historical social, economic and demographic trends, both in the U.S. and globally. Areas of study include workplace inequalities, work/family trends, problems of the working poor, and economic decline and revitalization of the Midwest. [Skill: W] Prerequisite: EN101 or EN103H.
SY350 TOPICS IN SOCIOLOGY (4). Advanced topics in sociology or social thought. Topics vary. May be repeated when topics differ.