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Social Work


A total of 48 hours is required.

Download the 8-Semester Plan for Social WorkDownload the Major Checklist for Social Work

Required courses

A total of 48 credit hours with graces of “C-” or better.

SW130 Introduction to Social Welfare & Social Work (4 HRS)
PY130 Intorduction to Psychology (4 HRS)
SY130 Introduction to Sociology (4 HRS)
SW365 Social Work Macro Practice: Promoting Community Change* (4 HRS)
SW335 Theories of Human Behavior & the Social Environment (4 HRS)
SW341 Psychosocial Interventions with Individuals* (4 HRS)
SW343 Psychosocial Interventions with Groups* (4 HRS)
SW333 Multicultural Social Work Practice (4 HRS)
SW380 Research I with Descriptive Statistics (4 HRS)

4 HRS from the following:

SW230 Introduction to Addictions* (4 HRS)
SW 330 Perspectives on Substance Use* (Prerequisite: SW230) (4 HRS)
SW 3XX Trauma/Recovery & Resilience* (4 HRS)
PY 336 Social Psychology (4 HRS)
PY 433 Abnormal Psychology (4 HRS)
SS481 Research II Seminar (Prerequisite: SS380) (4 HRS)

8 HRS (2 semesters):

SW 495 Field Placement (Prerequisites: SW341, Junior/Senior standing and permission) (4 HRS)

*Taught every other year