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Social Work

The Social Work major is designed to prepare students for beginning social work practice and/or for graduate professional education. The student who satisfactorily completes our undergraduate curriculum in social work will be eligible to apply for licensure as a “Licensed Social Worker” in the State of Ohio.

The Social Work curriculum is based on the premise that a social worker needs a broad base of knowledge in the liberal arts, to include the study of human development and behavior and an understanding of social and cultural systems. Integrated into the content are concerns for social justice, racial, ethnic and cultural diversity, and women’s issues. The curriculum is, therefore, interdisciplinary in nature.

An integral part of the Social Work Program is an educationally planned, professionally supervised field placement, which provides students the opportunity for experiential learning at an appropriate social work setting. Field work provides invaluable experience and preparation for employment in entry-level social work practice.

Social Work majors are strongly urged to also complete a psychology major or minor to better prepare them for the licensing exam and to improve their preparation should they later decide to enroll in graduate school.