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Religion and Philosophy Course Descriptions

RP130 INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLE (4). A survey of the major historical events and faith issues in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible in their literary, historical, archaeological, and cultural dimensions. Emphasis falls slightly on the Old Testament in the fall term, the New Testament in the spring term. [Skill: T]

RP140 INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY (4). Introduction to the problems of philosophy and the nature of philosophical thinking. Based on readings from classical and modern philosophers used to promote critical thinking. [Skill: T]

RP231 INTRODUCTION TO QUAKERS (4). An introductory study of the faith and practice of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) with more emphasis on current Friends’ experience than the history of this religious community. [Skill: T]

RP233 INTRODUCTION TO PEACE AND CONFLICT STUDIES (4). An introduction to the field of Peace Studies, exploring topics from various disciplinary and cultural perspectives. Examination of theory and practice included. [Skill: T]  

RP236 INTRODUCTION TO CRITICAL THINKING (4). Introduction to the attitudes and skills of critical thinking. Emphasis on the identification and analysis of informal fallacies.and some features of formal logic. [Skill: T]

RP239 VALUES AND ETHICS (4). A survey of major ethical theories and contemporary moral issues (possible topics include abortion, war and pacifism, sexual ethics, environmental ethics) emphasizing the human experience of moral decision-making in a changing world of competing values. Includes a Service component. [Skill: T]

RP330G-HU COMPARATIVE RELIGIONS (4). Introduces methodological approaches to the study of world religions, focusing on religions of Native peoples, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and the religions of China and Japan. Through consideration of sacred texts, myth, and ritual, students will explore both the unique aspects and common beliefs and practices that tie these world religions together. [Skill: T] Prerequisite: RP130, RP140, or RP233.

RP332 MEDIATION (4). Study of the theory and practice of mediation. Opportunity to learn from practitioners of mediation on campus and in the local community. [Skill: T] Prerequisite: RP130, RP140, or RP233. 

RP333 EXPLORING CHRISTIANITY (4). A survey of the development of Christianity from its origins in the life and teachings of Jesus through the fourth century C.E. Through journaling about and discussion of readings from the New Testament and beyond, students will explore such topics as the many faces of Jesus, Gnostic Christianity, development of the canon, apocalyptic literature, attitudes toward sexuality and marriage, women’s roles, and martyrdom. [Skills: T,W] Prerequisite: RP130, RP140, or RP233.

RP334 GREAT PHILOSOPHERS (4). A study of the life and work of a great philosopher or philosophers in the Eastern or Western tradition. This course provides an opportunity to inquire in-depth, using primary sources as the focus. May be repeated when topics vary. [Skills: T,W] Prerequisite: RP130, RP140, or RP233.

RP335G-HU EAST-WEST PHILOSOPHY (4). A comparison of sources from the Western tradition with selected works from the Buddhist, Confucian and Islanic sources. [Skill: T] Prerequisite: RP130, RP140, or RP233.

RP339G-HU NONVIOLENCE AND SOCIAL CHANGE (4). A study of the philosophical and religious perspectives guiding practitioners of non-violence seeking social change, for example, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Woolman, Shirin Ebadi, Thich Nhat Hanh.and Mahatma Gandhi. [Skills: T,W] Prerequisite: RP130, RP140, or RP233.

RP450 TOPICS IN RELIGION (4). A reflection of current interests and concerns of students and faculty in the field of religion. Topics include, but are not limited to: Dreams and World Mythology, and Jesus and Early Christianity. May be repeated when topics vary. [Skill: W] Prerequisite: RP130, RP140, or RP233.

RP451 TOPICS IN PHILOSOPHY (4). Topics in philosophy, ancient or contemporaray, of special interesnt to students and faculty. The topic varies from semester to semester, enabling students to retake this course under a different topic. May be repeated when topics vary. [Skill: T] Prerequisite: RP130, RP140, or RP233.