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Religion & Philosophy

Being a small department, we are able and eager to provide quality time and attention for our students inside and outside of the classroom setting. Our classes combine presentations with discussions and the sharing of personal insights as part of interpreting texts. Our courses range from the very traditional courses in Religion and Philosophy to the unexpected, for example, exploring such topics and Dreams and World Mythology or Baseball and Philosophy. Each week, some students, faculty and staff meet for viewing and discussing religious and philosophical topics in episodes of The Twilight Zone, created by Rod Serling. These informal gatherings promote fellowship and encourage study in our department.

Graduates of our program have successfully pursued various areas of endeavor—continuing on into graduate school or law school, entering seminary as preparation for a religious vocation, working in the computer services industry, being employed in a social service agency. Reports from these students indicate that employers in every sector still appreciate and look for job candidates with skills and attitudes we endorse—those who can speak persuasively, think critically, act ethically, and work cooperatively with those who have different views and background experiences.

Program Features

Our core courses are Introduction to the Bible, Introduction to Philosophy, and Values and Ethics. In these courses, we promote hands-on learning through our emphasis on discussion and analysis of texts, which distinguish study in the Humanities. Elective courses that students have often found intriguing are Dreams and World Mythology and Philosophy and Baseball.

Career Opportunities

Study in religion and philosophy can lead to careers in ministry, but most important, the breadth of knowledge, the critical thought skills, and the holistic thinking required in this major are valued in business, law, and other professions.