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Religion & Philosophy

Quaker education is experiential in nature and combines critical thinking with actual doing. This approach to education is designed to lead you to what has been termed the “inner teacher,” which alludes to receiving Divine guidance. We educate the whole person and, through listening, reflection, learning and experience, you can become changed from the inside out. Understanding this emphasis does not by any means require you to be a Quaker.

As a religion & philosophy major, you will explore not only the Quaker tradition, but also the broader Christian tradition, as well as other major religious and philosophical traditions of the world. You will have hands-on connections to the outer-world by visiting such entities as the Islamic Center and Hindu Temple in Cincinnati. Your professors may present a Socrates soliloquy or share insight into participating in archaeological digs in Tunisia. You may also gain awareness into the philosophical dimensions of TV’s Twilight Zone episodes or learn how dreams have impacted religious beliefs through the ages.

Program Features

Our core courses are Introduction to the Bible, Introduction to Philosophy, and Values and Ethics. In these courses, we promote hands-on learning through our emphasis on discussion and analysis of texts, which distinguish study in the Humanities. Elective courses that students have often found intriguing are Dreams and World Mythology and Philosophy and Baseball.

Career Opportunities

Study in religion and philosophy can lead to careers in ministry, but most important, the breadth of knowledge, the critical thought skills, and the holistic thinking required in this major are valued in business, law, and other professions.