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Race, Gender & Ethnicity Studies Minor

People of color, women, and people in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQ) community have faced—and continue to face—oppression and inequality. This interdisciplinary minor explores the history and current experiences of women, LGBTQ people, and people of color in the United States and around the world. What obstacles have these groups faced, how have they attempted to overcome those obstacles, and what strategies do they have for building equality in the future. Students will become versed in philosophies of race and gender, including the notion that racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual identities are primarily socially constructed rather than fixed or “natural.” This minor will enlighten students not only about the lived experiences of oppressed people but also about how the very concepts of gender, race, and sexual identity have changed over time. Students will gain a basic understanding of gender and race theories in ID1xx. Their two core courses, EN2xx and HI3xx, will offer them varying topical examinations of people facing oppression in literature and culture. Subsequent courses will include topics such as “African American Literature,” “Women’s History,” “Social Inequalities,” “Women in Politics,” and “Literature and History of Sexuality.” By offering a broad array of electives across the disciplines, this minor aims to allow students to “double dip” within their major field of study when possible while also widening their perspectives about other cultures and disciplines.

Student Experience

Peyton Mullins

My name is Peyton Mullins, and I am a second year student at Wilmington College. I am a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Race, Gender, Ethnicity Studies. I initially discounted WC because my mom went here, it was small, and I had a hard time seeing where someone like me could fit in. Now that I have been here for almost two full years, I have found that I have been offered more opportunities than I ever could have been elsewhere. I am now a collegiate swimmer (and I had never swum before), a member of Student Government, an RA, in the Honors Program, an Orientation Welcome Leader, tutor, Supplemental Instructor, member of Amnesty International, and hold two internships. Without the community on Wilmington’s campus, I would have never been presented with these positions that are helping me show others that there is a place for them here. Wilmington has given me my best friends and greatest memories. #WeAreDubC


Ariana RiccardiMy name is Ariana Riccardi and I am a double major in Political Science and History with a minor in Race, Gender and Ethnicity Studies.

Wilmington College has shown me nothing but love over the past four years, and it created an environment that allowed me to find who I truly am. I have been blessed with so many opportunities to grow, travel, network with amazing people, and study halfway across the world. I’ve had opportunities to serve, both on campus and in the community, and grow as a public servant. And, most importantly, I’ve been able to build relationships that will last a lifetime.

To elaborate on the opportunities Wilmington College has provided me with I will share that I have served as Student Body President (SGA), I am the President of the Peace Corps Prep Club and Resident Student Association, I’m an RA, I have been involved in several theater productions, and I am the Director of our Diversity in Action team – just to name a few.

I may be graduating in two months, but Wilmington College will always be my home, and for that I am forever grateful. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey. I truly could not have accomplished everything I have without the amazing faculty, staff and administration at Wilmington College.


24 hours required

Required courses (12 hours):

ID134: Introduction to Race, Gender, and Ethnicity Studies (4)
EN251: Topics in the Literature of Race, Gender, and Ethnicity (4)
HI350: Topics in American History (approved topics African American history and others TBA with new history hire) OR HI351G: Topics in World History (approved topics Latin American Agricultural History, US/Latin American Relations, and The African Diaspora) (4) 

Electives (choose three, two of which must be upper-division) (12 hours):

*Note: some electives have pre-requisites that do not count toward the minor. These are designed for students already completing a major in that field of study. Other students should choose electives without pre-requisites. Students should consult the instructor to see if a topics course meets the “approved topics only” requirement for this minor.*

Choose one lower division course (Total of 4 hours):

CJ201G: International Criminal Justice (4)
EN232 Varieties of Literature: How to Be a Girl (4)
EN232 Varieties of Literature: Literature and the History of Sexuality (4)
EN242: American Literature Survey (4)
EN250G: Topics in Global Literature: Global Gender in Literature (4)
EN250G: Topics in Global Literature: Race, Gender, and Religion in World Literature (4)
EN250G: Scarlet Women (4)
EN250G: Latin Lovers (4)
HI130: American History I (4)
HI131: American History II (4)
HI250G: Topics in Global History: Youth in Revolt (2)
HI250G: Topics in Global History: History of Education (2)
HI250G: Topics in Global History: Borders and Migrants (2)
RP240G: Comparative Religions I (2)
RP241G: Comparative Religions II (2)

Choose two upper-division courses (Total of 8 hours):

CJ331: Corrections (4) (pre-req CJ130 and CJ231 recommended)
CJ350: Topics in Criminal Justice: Race and Justice (4)
CJ350: Topics in Criminal Justice: Women in Criminal Justice (4)
CJ350: Topics in Criminal Justice: Gender, Law, and Society (4)
CJ430: Homicide and the Death Penalty (juniors/senior standing required)
EC433: Advanced Theoretical Economics: Labor, Industrial Organizations and International Economics (pre-reqs EC130 and EC 131 and junior/senior standing)
EN330: Monstrous Perversions (4)
EN338: Contemporary American Literature (4)
HI331: American History 1877-1919 (4)
HI333: American History 1920-present (4)
HI351G: Topics in World History: Latin American Agricultural History (4)
HI351G: Topics in World History: US/Latin American Relations (4)
HI351G: Topics in World History: The African Diaspora
RP355G: East-West Philosophy (4)
RP450: Topics in Religion/Philosophy: Women and Philosophy (4) (junior/senior standing required)
RP450: Topics in Religion/Philosophy: Baseball: Race, Gender, and Ethnicity
SP335G: Introduction to Hispanic Arts (4) (pre-reqs: two 200-level Spanish classes and SP330G)
SP340G: The Culture of Latin America (4) (pre-reqs: two 200-level Spanish classes and SP330G)
SY330: Social Inequalities (4)
PS333: Case Studies in Nonviolence (4) (junior/senior standing required)
PS350: Topics in Political Science: Women in Politics (4) (junior/senior standing required)
PY350: Cross-Cultural Psychology (4) (pre-req PY130)

Lower-division hours for the minor: 12

Upper-division hours for the minor: 12