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Professional Writing (minor)

The professional writing minor allows students to have a clear skill set in writing emphasized on their college transcript and enable many students with pre-professional majors to complement their major with a minor that advertises how well they can write.

Professional Writing Minor

20 credit hours

The Professional Writing minor at Wilmington College is designed for a student to explore an interest in writing while still maintaining the flexibility to pursue a major. Students will take a core of 3 required courses and select the rest of their courses from an elective pool.

Required (12 hours)

EN131W: Writing III: Advanced Writing and Practice(4 hours)

EN2xxW: Topics in Writing (4 hours)

CA 330W: Copywriting (4 hours)

Electives (8 hours) At least 6 hours must be upper-division

AG272: Intro to Agricultural Communications (2 hours)

CA 341: Layout and Typography (4 hours)

Any English 200-, 300-, or 400-level class (EN336: Creative Writing strongly suggested)