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Introducing Concentration in Food Policy and Agriculture Advocacy

AgPolicyCollege Starting Concentration in Food Policy and Agriculture Advocacy

New Academic Area Established Largely in Response to Popular Washington Lobby Trips

Long gone are the days when American agriculture could be summed up simply as “plows, cows and sows.”

Even if that were ever the case, food production in the 21st century has become both a science and a social science with implications that resonate throughout American society, as well as the global economy, geo-politics and even carry a logical relationship for war and peace.

Dr. Monte Anderson, professor of agriculture, is fond of telling his students, “If you don’t get involved with the decision-making, those decisions will be made for you.”

Enter Wilmington College’s newest major concentration: food policy and agriculture advocacy, which, starting in fall 2018, will be an academic concentration under political science. Its establishment is an extension of WC’s largest major, agriculture, and came largely as a result of one of Wilmington College’s signature hands-on learning opportunities.

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Food Policy and Agriculture Advocacy Concentration

Concentration 2 (16 hours): FPAA Concentration (required)

2 AG272 Agriculture Communication

2 AG460 Agriculture Policy

4 PS337 Global Politics of Food

4 PS3xx Intro to Public Policy & Advocacy

2 PS3xx Environmental Law and Policy

2 TR291 Political Advocacy Practicum

FPAA Concentration (electives) (8 hours; 4 hours upper division)

4 AG130 Fundamentals of Horticulture

4 AG132 Principles of Crop and Animal Science I

4 AG133 Principles of Crop and Animal Science II

2 AG234 Sustainable Regional Development

4 AG240 Introductory Food Science

4 AG330 Foundations of Soil Science

4 AG335 Organic Farming

4 AG350 Topics in Agriculture