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Political Science


We also offer a MINOR in Political Science.


8-Semester Plans are provided by programs to assist students in planning which courses to take during each of their eight semesters of college.

Download 8-Semester Plan

A total of 36 hours is required.

Required courses:

PS130 American Politics (4)

PS231G-SS Human Rights and the Judicial Process (4)

PS234G-SS Global Politics (4)

PS330 Philosophical Foundations of Western Political Thought (4)

PS495 Senior Research Seminar (4)

SS380 Research I with Descriptive Statistics (4)

Required: 12 hours from the following.

PS333G-SS Case Studies in Nonviolence and Reconciliation (4)

PS337G-SS Global Politics of Food (4)

PS340 Constitutional Law (4)

PS344 Political Problems (4)

PS348G-SS The Political Economy of Globalization (4)

PS350 Topics in Political Science (4)

PS350G-SS-x Topics in Political Science: Global Topic (4)