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Political Science

The political science major at Wilmington College offers students the opportunity to pursue careers in international studies, public administration, legislative affairs, and law. Students majoring in political science study the institutions and processes societies create to make collective decisions about human problems. Courses in this field address issues of justice and human rights, social movements, and economic development as they relate to the distribution of power in society.

In keeping with the College mission, the political science major encourages students to examine problems of conflict reconciliation and peacemaking in both national and international contexts. Although the political science major is compatible with virtually any other major at the College, students in the department often double major in criminal justice, psychology, Spanish, environmental studies, or minor in sustainability.

The department encourages its students to pursue internships, community service opportunities, and extra-curricular activities. It offers a number of study abroad programs, internships in Washington, D.C., research opportunities and lobbying activities.

Letter to the Editor

Opinion: Stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Read the letter published in the Columbus Dispatch by Senior Political Science student Emma M. and Professor Michael Snarr urging Congress to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

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Junior Leads Washington, D.C., Lobby Trip

Emma Marks and Michael SnarrEmma Marks Interviewed by Sirius/XM Radio News

As Emma C. Marks waited in the plush lobby outside Sirius/XM radio’s Washington, D.C., studio in mid-March, it fleetingly came to mind how far she has come in three years — from a high school senior in York, Pa., to the subject of a national news program.

The thought was only “fleetingly” present because she quickly found herself wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone while engaged in rapt conversation with host Chris Frates on Sirius/XM News & Issues channel’s Politics Inside Out.

The Wilmington College junior was in the Nation’s Capital as the leader of WC’s 26-student contingent participating in the Friends Committee on National Legislation’s annual Spring Lobby Weekend. The three-day activity attracts college students from around the country to learn from experts about the year’s topic — immigration reform in 2018 — and the art of lobbying, and then actually lobbying their elected officials.

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Jenna Fawcett featured in "The New York Times" Article
Junior Jenna Fawcett is included in a December 2019 story in The New York Times that highlights young women interested in politics. Jenna spoke about starting a chapter at WC of Ignite, an organization closely associate with promoting women playing a more active role in government.

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Students Traveling to Morocco for Hands-On Learning Experience

MoroccoThree Wilmington College students and three alumni will be spending a week in Rabat, Morocco, to participate in the Model Arab League, a program that informs young leaders about international issues and creates a greater awareness of the Arab world and its people.

At the convocation of students from around the world later this month, each student will represent a particular country and stand on a council related to affairs such as environment, politics and economics. The structure is comparable to the popular Model United Nations, but it instead focuses only on the 22 member-states that comprise the League of Arab States.

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Every spring, students from a variety of backgrounds venture to the heart-stirring city, otherwise known as Washington D.C.. On this journey, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) teaches young adults how to lobby their representatives using moral arguments and cold hard facts. This year, SLW occurred March 17 to 20 to fight for a just immigration system.

This year’s trip was organized by a Wilmington College student who is dedicated to making a positive change. Emma Marks, a Political Science and Agricultural Communications double major, organized a trip for twenty-five Wilmington College students. Emma began working on this trip last year with Michael Snarr, professor of Political Science. When asked why she wanted to participate in Spring Lobby Weekend Emma conveyed, “I started attending Spring Lobby Weekend because I thought it was crucial to translate my beliefs into action.”

Story originally posted to The Witness

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Political Science Class Stages Global Summit

GlobalSummit“The global summit, over four class periods, works so well for getting things across,” Snarr said. “Students have to learn the material, but it’s not like for a test, which is over in an hour and is only between them and me. With the summit, their peers also see them and they depend on each other — as coalitions and alliances are dependent upon multiple partners.”

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Hands-On Learning Experience Takes WC Students to Washington D.C.

Sherrod BrownNearly three-dozen Wilmington College students entered a highly charged Nation’s Capital over their spring break in mid-March as participants in the annual Washington D.C. Spring Lobby Weekend.

(PICTURED) U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) speaks with the Wilmington College contingent on the steps of the Capitol.

The group was there for the program hosted by the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) in which college students from around the country gain insight into a topic and learn lobbying techniques — before actually lobbying their elected representatives.

This year’s subject was income inequality and its health care ramifications, which dovetailed perfectly with the intensive Capitol Hill debate on the fate of the Affordable Care Act, also known as “ObamaCare.” Their stance insisted that provisions for Medicaid be included in any healthcare legislation.

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Senior’s Research Wins OCA’s ‘Top Undergraduate Paper’

Abby EngelhartThe Ohio Communication Association selected senior Abigail Engelhart’s work in which she examined unique challenges women face when running for top political office for its “Top Undergraduate Paper” at its annual conference this fall.

Engelhart is senior from Westerville majoring in political science and English.

Titled “Barriers to Entry: How Sexist Attitudes Hinder Female Presidential Candidates,” her paper looks at how female presidential candidates — such as Hillary Clinton — are evaluated when they run for public office.

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Political Science Prof Publishes Sixth Edition of Global Issues Book

GlobalIssues-WEB2Michael Snarr Elicits Subject Matter Expertise of WC Faculty and Alumni

Michael and Neil Snarr’s book Introducing Global Issues continues to generate national and international interest as more and more colleges and universities incorporate into their curriculum an appreciation for world cultures, globalization and international affairs.

Wilmington College’s Dr. Michael Snarr, professor of social and political studies, and Dr. Neil Snarr, emeritus professor of sociology, again served as editors for Introducing Global Issues, the sixth edition of which was published this summer.

It updates the fifth edition, which, published in 2012, along with previous issues, has been used at nearly 100 colleges and universities. This time, the Snarrs divided the book into two sections: “Dimensions of Conflict and Security” and “Dimensions of the Global Political Economy.”