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8-Semester Plans are provided by programs to assist students in planning which courses to take during each of their eight semesters of college. The MUSIC MINOR plans differ, depending on when you start the minor (an odd or even year).

Odd Year Start (2021-22)

Even Year Start (2022-23)


Note: The most up-to-date curriculum is available via the current catalog.

A total of 24 hours is required.

MU130 Music in Human Society (4)
MU140 Beginning Piano Class (2)
MU230 Music Theory (4) – only offered spring of odd-numbered years
MU240 Intermediate Piano Class (2) – only offered spring semesters

REQUIRED 4 hours from the following.
MU350/350G Topics in Music (4) – only offered fall semesters

REQUIRED: 4 hours, including 2 hours at the 300-level, from the following.
MU143/343 Wilmington College Chorale (1)
MU148/348 Instrumental Ensemble (1)

REQUIRED: 4 hours from the following electives.
MU332/3/4 Private Lessons (2-4)
MU343 Wilmington College Chorale* (1)
MU350/350G Topics in Music* (4) – only offered fall semesters
MU356 Survey of Music Technology (4) – only offered spring of even-numbered years
MU348 Instrumental Ensemble* (1)

*may be taken if not chosen above