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Music Curriculum



A total of 24 hours is required.

Required courses:

MU130 Music in Human Society (4)

MU140 Beginning Piano Class (2)

MU230 Music Theory (4)

MU240 Intermediate Piano Class (2)


Required: 4 hours from the following.

MU350/350G Topics in Music (4)


Required: 4 hours, including 2 hours at the 300-level, from the following.

MU143/343 Wilmington College Chorale (1)

MU148/348 Instrumental Ensemble (1)


Required: 4 hours from the following.

MU332/3/4 Private Lessons (2-4)

MU343 Wilmington College Chorale* (1)

MU350/350G Topics in Music* (4)

MU356 Survey of Music Technology (4)

MU348 Instrumental Ensemble* (1)

*may be taken if not chosen above