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Learning mathematics is more than equations on the board, more than a pencil and paper problem. Our students realize that math has real-world application and is fundamental to how the world works.

That’s why WC’s math courses incorporate more group dynamics and projects that reflect real-world problems than other schools. Our students don’t just find answers to those pencil and paper problems; they develop an ability to understand concepts, which gets them excited and motivated about becoming immersed in the subject. They become critical thinkers who learn how to solve problems, analyze the solutions and communicate effectively about both their problem-solving methods as well as the implications of the solutions.

The faculty members, all of whom hold doctorates, bring real-world experience ranging from engineering and education to business and pure math.

Not only do our faculty members teach vital concepts in mathematics, they also assist students in determining how they can pursue their interest in the subject. Faculty members ensure our students meet the right people and engage in the right experiences to advance their knowledge and practical skills, i.e., helping students plan their career journeys.

The Mathematics Department is housed in the new Center for the Sciences & Agriculture.

“The most important thing we as faculty do is get students excited and motivated about math and the importance of math in the world.”


Professor of Mathematics