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Honors & WISE Core Courses (5 hours)
GL1XXH – The Individual in a Global Society* 4 hours
HO231 – Mediation Training 1 hour
*Dean’s and Faculty Scholarship recipients may elect either Honors or WISE Program participation during GL1XXH.
Honors Required Courses (11 hours)
EN103H – Great Debates 4 hours
GL3XXH – Honors Global Signatures 4 hours
Required: 3 hours
HO230 – Honors Topics Seminar 1 hour
Electronic Journal
24 clock hours of Volunteer Service
24 clock hours of Civic Engagement
Senior Honors Capstone Project
Total 16 hours
WISE Required Courses (6 hours)
WS131 – Intro to Leadership 2 hours
WS470 – Internship (WISE approved) 4 hours
WISE Electives (2 hours from the following)
WS350 – WISE Topics Seminar 1 hour
TR291 – Political Advocacy Practicum 2 hours
Service Project
Senior WISE Capstone Project
Total 13 hours