We also offer a MAJOR in History.

A minimum of 24 hours.

Required: 24 hours, including 12 hours at 300- or 400-level.

HI130 American History I: 1607-1877 (4)

HI131 American History II:1877-Present (4)

HI160G-HU World Civilization I (4)

HI161G-HU World Civilization II (4)

HI281 Historical Research Methods (2)

HI331 United States History: 1877-1919 (4)

HI333 United States History: 1920-Present  (4)

HI341 Introduction to Public History Practice (4)

HI350 Topics in United States History (4)

HI351G-HU-x Topics in World History (4)

HI360G-HU World History I (4)

HI361G-HU World History II (4)

HI495 Senior Seminar (4)

ID134G: Introduction to Race, Gender, and Ethnicity Studies (4)