We also offer a MAJOR in History.

A minimum of 24 hours.

24 hours, including 12 hours at 300- or 400-level.

HI170 Ohio History (4)
HI130 American History I: Before 1865 (4)
HI131 American History II: After 1865 (4)
HI150 Topics in American History (2)
HI160G World Civilization I (4)
HI161G World Civilization II (4)
HI250G Topics in Global History (2)
HI342 Public History (4)
HI350 Topics in United States History (4)
HI351G Topics in World History (4)
HI352 Eras in United States History (4)
HI353G Eras in World History (4)
HI381 Historical Research Methods (4)
HI495 Senior Seminar (4)
ID134G Introduction to Race, Gender and Ethnicity Studies (4)